hi is it ok for me to sign a contract that says i am “property” of an associatoin/organization? it doesn’t mean it like chattel slavery and there are no real consequences if i break the contract but can i still sign it? it’s an amateur sports contract

I don’t see how under the law anyone can legally be “property.” What kind of contract is this? What are the circumstances? Who is the other party attempting to make this contract? What’s in it for you? Need to know much more.

Yes. It’s fine. When I worked as a scientist my contract addressed " intellectual property". It’s just a term. There is no moral issue here.

It’s ok to sign up for the military. They use similar concepts in the enlistment contract.

Show it to an attorney.


its something that says i get to play this sport with this association all it really does is say i can play, only thing that happens if i break the contract is i’m never going back to that association which wouldnt be a big deal. the positives are my summer is more enjoyable.

Show it to an attorney. Also , IMHO answering otherwise would be giving legal advice.

legally i think it is fine i’m askign morally

There is no moral issue. This is how contracts work. As long as you are not selling your soul the you are ok morally. :wink:

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