Contradictions about marriage in the bible. What would you say?


Hey there everyone! Just got m'self one of these Catholic Answers accounts today and decided to go ahead and put it to good use, so here's my first ever post!

So, I've got a friend who seems to have been raising several questions about Christianity and is getting slightly confused with exactly what we believe. Essentially he's made a claim that religions in general cause only more harm than help (I'm certain that several of you have gotten this argument before), and in response, I gently responded that most of the conflict is more than likely caused by misunderstandings about doctrine instead, citing the examples of the WBC and how they treat homosexuals. He then states that the bible is full of contradictions and begins citing some scripture, and sends me this article from the Huffington Post to read, saying that it's relevant to the debate:

Now, sadly, I'm not exactly a scripture buff (yet), and I knew these examples of polygamy and odd sexual behaviors were already in the bible, specifically in the old testament, but to me, it deems itself obvious that a religion that's over 2000 years old would have a perfectly logical reason to oppose things like polygamy, homosexuality, and other sexual acts that contradict monogamy. The extent of my Catholic knowledge doesn't reach far enough to make an appropriate response yet, so I wanted to ask you would you defend the church's stance on marriage in this case, and what scriptural examples would you use? What would be your explanation?:shrug:


If your friend is quoting the Huffington Post, it would be more effective to skip the scriptural references and move right to the beating with the wet flip-flop.

Some people can't be saved, tell them there's plenty of good religions out there, maybe one'll be desparate enough to except newcomers that first demand an explanation, excuse, accounting, apology, what-have-you.

Sometimes being a good Catholic is just letting the rest of the world see you being a "good Catholic" otherwise. I think, quite a long time ago the Tibetan monks stopped fielding stupid questions about their belief system from the uncaring and came up with Kung Fu.

I say we skip the R&D time and just borrow heavily from Krav Maga. My Israeli friends out there can back me up on that.

Some people never come to JESUS until they see their own blood. Saints even. ;)


What you have to see in a text is not only what appears in it, but what about it appears. The bible is full of murders. However, if I said that the bible condones or teaches murder, I would be dead wrong. The fact that instances of polygamy appear in the bible does not mean that the bible condones it. Abraham's polygamy was the surrogate motherhood of the time, and look what a mess it created... Don't tell me that even the human author of Genesis thought that Abe's polygamy was such a good idea.

Anyway, the argument against ss "marriage" is usually not biblical. Intelligent people arguing against ss "marriage" don't just say, "because the bible says so". In fact they mostly argue from nature and world cultures and not the bible.

I'd suggest that you read something else also beside huffington post.


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If your friend is quoting the Huffington Post, it would be more effective to skip the scriptural references and move right to the beating with the wet flip-flop.


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I don’t know how to correctly answer your question but I will pray that you find what you are looking for.
Hail Mary…


I don't know that taking a scripture verse here and there to rebuttal your friend is a good idea. I don't know a whole lot about the bible yet except from a few recent bible study groups but it seems to be a BIG salvation story on a scale that's hard to envision, from the first fall, to Jesus' death on the cross, and even after. One of the biggest things to look at is what's happening at the time of the verse; for example as someone mentioned, Abraham's polygamy was the surrogacy of the time. Other verses have other meanings that you may need to pray to understand. Taking just a verse here and there is often how we take things in the bible out of context. Rest assured that the overall message of the bible is for monogamy (think of Jesus' own holy human family).

Another piece of advice I have for you is that Catholicism is very logical. If it weren't, there would not be as many followers. Yes there are miracles, and you do need faith to understand things like the Trinity, but I find I can argue my faith well on scientific principles as well, because the religion itself follows logic.

For example for monogamy (and you should do your own research on this):
-there are chemicals in the brain that bind people during sex such that it makes it hard to leave that first relationship because you are so bonded
-monogamy protects each partner's inherent value because they make a sacrifice and a promise to only be sexual with the other and no one else; it's says you are special on a very intimate level

There are others but I'll stop here. I hope I have not missed your point.


much of the Old Testament must be read in context. Also leaders of that time permitted things that God did not approve of, such as Moses allowing divorce. Polygamy was often a political tool used to keep one's powerful neighbors as relatives. But only the mother of the future King would be called the Queen.

But Jesus clearly defines what is and is not marriage. He also says it was established by God in the beginning. See Mark 10:2-12. Doesn't matter what anyone else's interpretation of scripture means. Jesus very clearly sets things straight. He has the final word.


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