Contradictions in Matthew 5:17-18 and Acts 10:9-16?

No I didn’t say that…

Jesus - Messiah of all - specifically addressed Jews… Some accepted and some rejected…

Any rejections to Christ/Christianity - never abrogates His Truth…

Faith in JESUS is the New Way… The Way to Salvation

Such is what Catholics Profess is Truth - no matter what others might believe.

Nor am I claiming that no other belief system contains no truth…

Nor am I claiming that some, any or no - Jews - are going to Hell.

Anything else?


Sure. So, if you’re not claiming that salvation may belong to Jews who are not Christians, then perhaps you can show where Jesus (or other Scriptural authors) informed Jews (who are not also Christians) that they no longer need to follow the Mosaic Law. After all, that’s the claim you’ve made.

It’s extremely clear cut to any who actually know the New Testament…

Are you a non-Christian Jew by any chance?


Then, if you “actually know the New Testament”, would you mind quoting where Jesus or the Church explicitly says “non-Christian Jews are not required to follow Mosaic Law”?

I guess we who don’t actually know it would benefit from your quotation. :wink:

Short answer: No.

Focus on “fullfilled.” All was fulfilled. Remember his dying words “It is completed” (fulfilled), “Consumatum est”


Glad to show you … and first … answer my prior question - Are you a non-Christian Jew?


A free lesson in “contradictions” from a grizzled old curmudgeon:

It is best to doubt ourselves and our understanding before claiming that God, the Church or scripture is wrong or contradictory.

That’s just the way it is.

Nope. 100% Gentile, here.

Here? What about elsewhere?

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