Contributing money to a Protestant fundraiser


A Protestant megachurch just bought out our beloved local movie theater and I assume that the profits go directly to the church. Would it be wrong to attend movies at this theater since everything being spent is essentially a contribution to this non-denominational church?


It’s quite likely you’re already having transactions with business entities controlled by protestant denominations or even other religions. You might be shocked to realize the size of the investments of some institutions like the LDS, SDA, Presbyterians, Baptists, Moonies, etc. Yet alone the number of hospitals and healthcare facilities associated with many religions.

At the end of the day in more instances than not, I’d personally find more solace in knowing my business transactions were helping a Christian organization than non-christian business entity.

That being said, that’s only my personal thoughts. I’m not aware of any particular Church stance on the matter.


Even if it is objectively evil to contribute to a Protestant group, purchasing movie tickets at a theater that has been bought by such a group would be remote material cooperation with evil which is both nearly unavoidable and morally permissible (i.e. not sinful) so I’d rest easy on this one.

BTW, I’m not saying it is evil to contribute to such groups, I’m simply saying that even if it were, in such a case as this it would not be immoral to purchase the tickets.


What would be the specific “evil” that one wold be remotely cooperating with? The mere Protestant ownership of something neutral like a movie theatre wouldn’t seem to rise to the same level of “evil” as something like abortion. Are we saying that Protestantism in itself is per se “evil?”

And by the same token, given the scope of Vatican and Church investments, it wold seem likely that the most rock-ribbed, hard-core anti-Catholic is likely purchasing products in his daily life that in some even “remote” way profits firms in which there are Catholic investments.


Seriously? Did you read my entire post in which I clearly say, and I quote:

BTW,** I’m not saying it is evil to contribute to such groups**, I’m simply saying that even** if** it were, in such a case as this it would not be immoral to purchase the tickets.

I knew someone was going to respond like that.


Whoa…maybe our brother made a mistake…a little humility and charity might be more appropriate than being snarky.:shrug:


Mea culpa. When I posted my original comment I said to myself, “someone isn’t going to read the whole post and accuse me of saying Protestants are all evil” and lo and behold. But you are right, charity in all things should rule the day.


yes it would be ok to see a movie there. There are many other products and services you use which are owned by companies with values different than yours.


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