I wasn’t sure where to post this question…I am a registered parishioner at a Roman Catholic church near my Tucson eastside home. This is the church where I attend Sunday Mass and drop my contribution envelopes. However, in light of the awful Tucson Tragedy that recently occurred here, I have felt compelled to start attending a weekday/noon mass at a Roman Catholic church in downtown Tucson, near my work. It has been very, very healing. Here is my question…I don’t contribute to this church and although I am not earning a lot of money right now, I still feel kind of like a freeloader not contributing something to the church that I am at almost every weekday. Does anyone else have a similar situation? They do not pass around the basket at the weekday masses and there is no container in which to put a donation. I’m thinking of just mailing in something every month…or should I register as a “parishioner” at this church as well??? I’m probably overthinking this but I am just wondering if there is some sort of protocol??? Thank you in advance for any input :slight_smile:

I belong to one parish and attend daily Mass at another. I’m heavily involved at my parish and make my major financial contribution to them. But like you, I felt bad about not giving anything to the parish where I attend weekday Masses. So I started mailing them a small check every month. I figure every bit helps and I’m certainly benefiting from being able to go to Mass there.

You don’t have to register as a parishioner nor do you have to even contribute (but its absolutely wonderful if you do).

In my case I just give something to whatever parish I may be in on a given day. Registration mainly concerns your attachment to the parish, where you’ll probably avail of other Sacraments such as baptisms, marriage, and for funeral. Also, if you’re concerned about getting tax receipts, then you should register. Otherwise, no need to register.

Your presence at Mass is a contribution.

Once, St. Teresa of Avila was overwhelmed with God’s Goodness and asked Our Lord: How can I thank you? Our Lord replied, “Attend one Mass”./I]

Thank you very much for all of your helpful responses :slight_smile:

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