Controversial Catholic Poster in Front of Cathedral Reaches Philippine Supreme Court

A large poster, 6 feet by 10 feet, on the front wall of a Catholic Cathedral in the Philippines identifies, by name, legislators who just voted in the “Reproductive Health” law, the first serious invasion into the country’s laws of the culture of death. This poster identifies by name the Team Patay (team death) legislators, and also identifies those who voted against this bill. 85% of the people of the country are Catholics. After the Commission on Elections has tried to have this poster on church property taken down, the bishop has taken the case to the country’s Supreme Court to defend it. The bishop said he will go to jail rather than take it down. Similar poster are now going up in other dioceses and in all the churches in his diocese.

What’s wrong with restating something on the public record?

It’s too bad nowadays that you probably have foreign monies flowing into countries like Philippines to promote causes like Reproductive Rights.

Satan is once again using the coercive power of the State to persecute the righteous. It’s a rather old tactic.

But the State can also work to protect itself from itself. I mean, if you have the Commission on Elections wanting to have the poster drawn down (against the basic freedom of speech), then we do rely and hope that the Supreme Court will stop it. so let’s have a little hope here and perhaps not flatter Sstan?} :smiley:


So here’s a link to the update:

Democracy at work. A tenacious faith at work as well.

I really can’t see the Supreme Court siding with COMELEC here. Then again, I said the RH Bill would not make it past the Senate in the first place…

May the Filipino voters follow their conscience and use their common sense about voting the right leaders. We must pray to the Holy Spirit to guide us in this situation.

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