Controversial HPV Vaccine Causing One Death Per Month: FDA Report

When my daughter was 10, her pediatrician wanted to start the Gardasil series of shots. I declined for several reasons, not least of which was that it was a brand new vaccine with very little known about long-term effects, effectiveness and safety. My daughter is now 12 and still has not received these shots. With the info in the article above, I think I made a good call with deciding to take a wait and see approach. I also have moral qualms about the shots, but the safety is a huge factor too.


My doctor encouraged me to get the shots about a year ago, and I did. I didn’t experience any complications, personally, but it’s scary/sad to hear that so many others have!

I’m glad all is well with you and that you did not have any complications.

I was initially put off at the idea of vaccinating a 10-year old against a sexually transmitted disease and prefer to teach abstinence with my daughter, but I was also concerned about the newness of the vaccine too. I did/do not want my child to suffer consequences of basically serving as a test specimen. I think it is criminal if this news is covered up or glossed over. I think women/girls/parents have a right to this information so they can make an informed decision about receiving this vaccine and can truly weigh the risks vs. the benefits.

To be fair, all inoculations can, (and in some cases do), cause death. It is an across the board listed side effect for all vaccines.

True. But, one must weigh the benefits vs. the risks. I decided that the risk to my 10-year old of being exposed to a sexually transmitted disease was low enough for me to take a wait-and-see approach to this vaccine and to do so for several years. As an infant and toddler, etc., the risk for her (and my other children) to be exposed to say, pertussis, is much higher, so I did weigh risk vs. benefit and went with required vaccines then.

BTW, since I think parents should be informed about the vaccines their children receive and should be able to make moral decisions regarding the source of said vaccines, I also investigated ethical versions of vaccines (those not developed using aborted fetal tissue).

You have to understand that doctors receive perks, rewards, whatever you want to call them, when they prescribe certain drugs, therefore you have to be suspicious about their motivation. Gardasil is a very new drug and a huge money maker, especially if the company pays their lobbyist enough money to convince our legislature to pass laws to make it mandatory. Truly, what a cash cow that would be. As a nurse, I think that is foolishness when they started making hepatitis vaccine mandatory, there are a very small number of children who are at risk of contracting the disease and yet we expose them to potentially dangerous side effects of the vaccine, not once but three times! I have three daughters and I will never get them vaccinated with Gardasil. Actions without responsibility is the offspring of both artificial birth control and abortion. I sat down with my now 19 year old son when he was about 14 and I showed him numerous internet graphic photographs of various sexually transmitted diseases. He was understandably ‘grossed out’. He remembers those photos to this day. I have also taught him that sex out of marriage is deadly to our souls, but the photographs gave him yet another reason to abstain from sex.

If this was any other vaccine, it would of been pulled by now. But, since it was one associated with giving an illusion of safety for sex and promiscuity, it is allowed because it fits the Relativistic Society’s penchant for immorality

I can’t agree with you more!

Uhm, care to back that up with some actual evidence, or is your rhetoric all ya got?

I would never allow a vaccine such as that to enter my child’s bloodstream, unless they asked for it. It seems completely unnecessary.

Then again, there are a lot of other vaccines (like all of them) that I have qualms with.

Yeah, those Hepatitis A and B vaccines are so evil. :rolleyes:

Having protection against Hepatitis B is like, so much worse than getting infected with Hep B. :shrug:

If this was any other vaccine, it would of been pulled by now. But, since it was one associated with giving an illusion of safety for sex and promiscuity, it is allowed because it fits the Relativistic Society’s penchant for immorality

Uhm, care to back that up with some actual evidence, or is your rhetoric all ya got?

You have it. The only thing lacking is the MSM comment.
In my experience there will be no substantation of any type and everything will be blamed on moral relativism.

However, there are wonderful people, not saying that WA isn’t, on this board who will oppose you with backing.

God Bless you and all of us,


I don’t know. I’ve not had Hepatitis B, I’m 24 years old, and still have not gotten Hepatitis B.

That’s not one I have a huge issue with. It’s influenza that I have a huge issue with. Cash cow.

Hep B vaccines are necessary for emergency responders, police, fire, paramedics, and Doctors, Nurses, nursing home staff etc…

My point is, don’t be so quick to condemn all vaccines.

Also, flu shots are free for every citizen in the Province of Ontario, Canada

I get a flu shot every single year.

Controversial HPV Vaccine Causing One Death Per Month: FDA Report

The real question is, How many people are dying of HPV per month?
If this is a truly pro-life crowd…and I’m asuming that…if the balance is in favor of life…can we object?


Certain facts about HPV were published years ago. In terms of the issue of moral relativism, one of them is key. HPV is connected with cervical cancer in individuals who contract HPV directly - or through their partners, particularly when they have sex with many different partners. The more partners, the higher the risk.

I can’t quote any sources, but a quick google will confirm this.

God bless! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to have to disagree, but doctors do not recieve “perks,” rewards or other financial incentives for prescribing certain drugs or vaccines, except that the required vaccines will be noted and the practice told what percentile compliance their patient’s meet.

In fact, it is illegal for physicians to accept financial or material gain in any form, including referrals, from pharmaceutical manufacturers. I am a physician and can authoritatively state that no reputable physician prescribes medications or vaccinations based upon financial or material gain. If you work for, or see a physician that does, leave.

That said, the Gardasil vaccine is highly questionable in many respects. The secular public media emphasis on cancer in women made the sale for many people. There were some communities who jumped on the band-wagon and made it mandatory right away, and other persons who push it hard because of the “perceived” risk to our youngsters.

I understand fully the risks to the youth of our world. I have delivered babies for 12 year olds from some of the outwardly finest families you’d ever want to meet, and to 13 year olds in some of the best catholic families you will ever find. I have had to perform LEEP procedures for 13 year old patients who had already had 30 (thirty) partners! I have performed colposcopic exams for countless young women for abnormal PAP tests.

Even with these experiences, if I were still raising children, I would not, at this time, choose to vaccinate them with Gardasil. However, understand, that the law, as it is currenty written, at least in California, gives your children of reproductive age the right to make those decisions without your consent or knowledge. Any OFP (Office of Family Planning) clinic will provide those services free of charge to your youngster, as well as birth control and referrals for abortion. Planned Parenthood will do the same. While you may be making these decisions in your child’s Pediatric visits; it may be a moot point.

I recently had to leave a position with an FQHC because by contract, it required me to participate in these activities; and my newly developed catholic mentality simply doesn’t allow me to do so. I am sorry to say that the loss of a physician in a small rural community is making it difficult for the clinic to remain open; and they provide far more than just OFP services. I miss my patients and the practice I had, but with all of my family reasons and my moral obligation, I had to move to another position. If the clinic will take part in these activities, then it is not my fault if they go under.

Sorry about the lengthy aside, but I did have to respond to the errant post that physicians have a financial incentive to prescribe medications and vaccinations.

Now that is what I call fact-based sex education.

Being a “survivor” and permanently disabled from the hep b vaccine 2 of the 3 i was supposed to receive in 1994, my doctor didnt feel that the paralysis on my left side, loss of eyesight in left eye and slurred speech and respiratory problems, wasnt caused from the vaccine, so i had the second one a month later, anaphylatic shock, guilliane-barre, loss of menstrual cyle, which led to a total hysterectomy, constant fluid in my lungs, cushings syndrome and broken bones from years of prednisone and a host of other things, after a 3 year bed stay, later i found that i had permanent brain damage, iq went from 121 to 90, temporal lobe seizures, cns and spinal cord problems, plus other permanent problems, i highly suggest that people dont buy into the hype of the need for a lot of these vaccines. The nurse who posted above is correct, there was no need for people to start getting the hep b vaccine in the 90s, i was told there were only 14,000 cases per year of hep b, and then all of a sudden smithklinebeecham climbed into bed with the cdc and the numbers jumped to millions. So here i am now 14 years later a totally different person than i was before the vaccines and the lack of my doctor doing any research. Dont just jump into these things people, because you see commercials on it and your doc says to get it, they dont usually have your best interests at heart. As far as childhood vaccines, we waited with our two children until they were 6 mos old, like they do in europe to have them vaccinated and observed them closely. Because of my reaction to the hep b vaccine, my children are not supposed to get that vaccine and to watch any other vaccines they get. The last time they both got the tetanus combo, they were both sick for a week. Drug companies can do great things and terrible things, you need to evaluate each product they make for what it is and not just blankety believe without doing your homework.

paxpaixpaz. Wow. I’m very sorry to hear about your ordeal. I don’t want to use this as an “I told you so.” However, I mentioned earlier in the thread about how I felt a lot of it was a big scam and that vaccinations for certain things isn’t very important in this day and age. I do not have my Hep B vaccination, nor will I get it. I don’t have influenza, or the other common shots people get, nor have I ever had a problem because of lacking those shots.

I’ve had vaccinations for tetanus and measles, mumps, and rubella. Those are the ones we worried about the most. That’s it.

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