Controversies About The Holy Virgin Mary?

I’m doing a project about controversies concerning the Virgin Mary. I’ve read about the painting by Chris Ofili but there is not much more information on the internet. If you know of any could you please post them? Thanks

There’s a lot of information about this on the internet. Try here, for starters.

I am not getting how research into art work, including profane and blasphemous ones like this person’s, is going to get you any further in your research into controversies surrounding the Blessed Virgin Mary. You are asking about a controversey in the art world, not a controversy about Mary herself. What exactly is the area of your research? a google on the name of the artist gets a couple dozen hits so you should be able to find info on him, although why you want anything to do with him is a mystery to me (and we use the word artist loosely. If he is an artist, so is my 2 yr old grandson when he makes a mess while I try to change is diaper)

For what it’s worth, here is the picture:

When I think of controversies around Mary, I think of the disagreements between Catholics and many Protestants over Marian dogmas. For info on this, you can start with Catholic Answers’ faith tracts on Mary to get some of the Catholic arguments in favor of the dogmas.

I’m not sure what a controversial piece of “art” has to do with any of it, though. :shrug:

There is some controversy about what happened to Mary after the Crucifixion. I think the most widely known tradition is that she moved to Asia Minor, possibly under the care of John.

Another category of controversies about Mary would be controversies over the legitimacy of various Marian apparitions.

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