Just wondering what Catholics thought the most pressing issues were.

fostering vocations, forming holy priests, and supporting our priests and bishops - the reformation and protection of the ordained priesthood should be our highest priority, as the worst evils arising from within the Church are coming from a distortion, misunderstanding or outright rejection of the value and essential nature of the ordained priesthood.

***Moral Relativism!!! ***

A society that decides for itself - in the moment - what is right or wrong - IS WRONG!

[quote=Donna P]***Moral Relativism!!! ***

I second that.


All the suggestions are only means to the truly most important thing: people don’t realize that they need to work out their salvation “in fear and trembling.”

They think they’re doing just fine, but without Christ they will perish. They’re walking right into the pit–we need to warn them!

And we need to remind ourselves, constantly.

[quote=Donna P]***Moral Relativism!!! ***

A society that decides for itself - in the moment - what is right or wrong - IS WRONG!

JP Sarte, and Camus understood this completely. Modern society was doomed as there was no moral justification left–it was bankrupt. He wanted at times to find a reason for a god–besides your own personal desires. (think of Nietschze’s Ubermann) (He went bonkers). Hey at least the Existentialist’s thought about it unlike modern USA. …May God be kind to us His little flowers.

Undoing the Changes that people thought were in VII but were not.

[quote=Will]Undoing the Changes that people thought were in VII but were not.

You got that right!

We need the Holy Spirit to guide us

[]Isaiah told us the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: Is 11:2 “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.”
They are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. These seven gifts, part of sanctifying grace, complete and perfect the virtues of those who receive them. They make us docile in obeying divine inspirations without need for reflection but always with full consent.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are greater than the theological and cardinal virtues. The virtues operate to the limits of human power and volition, but the gifts bring divine assistance.

We are to pray to the Holy Spirit and ask for one of these gifts. If He gives us a gift, we may ask for another, and so on.

The practice of virtue, enabled by the gifts seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, bring us the twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit.

because we are severely lacking (as a society) in the fruits of faith.

If we had that, we’d have a lot more Catholics and people who were open to the discernment and will of God and a lot less of this moral relativism, purposefully preaching lies about Catholicism, abortion, and so on.

The issues presented as options are merely symptoms… the cause is the important thing to focus on…

For example…

…The idea of women priests or priestesses never was really an issue until the new changes to the Mass allowed women and laypersons in general to distribute Holy Communion and for girls to become alter boys… erm… I mean servers…

…The issue of falling church attendance was not an issue until… oh say … the 1970’s…when communion was re-defined as the community of believers coming together… which can be achieved at the local VFW hall…

…The issue of ecumenism, until the 1970’s , was only a debate among the thousands of protestant denominations trying to solve doctinal problems using solo scriptura, while until the late 60’s the beliefs of the One,Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church were still rock solid and not watered down in order to try to please those multi-thousand other groups…

Gee, :hmmm: I wonder, what happened in the 60’s that could have possibly caused these and many other challenges that The Church now suffers from???

I voted for “other.”

Brother judging brother.

If we stand together we will not be defeated. If not, we defeat ourselves before we even try to bring the Good News to others.

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