Controversy: Salvation Outside the Church?

The book “Liberalism is a sin” (Tan Books) condones that Protestants are saved!

But it has always been taught that Protestants are heretics and outside the pale of the Church – which is it?

Also, I have read that Fr. Michael Muller C.SS.R. wrote a book:

The Catholic Dogma 1888 that condemns that those that are in invicible ignorance can be saved and go to heaven.

And that: Orestes Brownson was haled as defending the Dogma of No Salvation along with the Archbishop George Hay that wrote a book called: The Sincere Christian.

And, everyone knows that according to John Paul II and Vatican II that Protestants, nay even Buddists can be saved outside the Church.

And, according to Dr. Drummey’s Book: Catholic Replies (see pages 99-100) the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a letter to the Archbishop of Worester (Massachusetts) that a “strict” interpetation or a “liberal” one can be accepted in regard to Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus – which is it?

After all I guess Fr. Feeney’s doctrine which seemed as Protestants believe what the Catholic Church always taught was not heresy – that there really was NO salvation outside the Church.

Lastly, all the books I have read on the issue of salvation teach, nay even Karl Keating and the “big rock” Jimmy Akien that unless one knows in his mind and is convicted that he is committing a sin then he is not responsible. That, one must “actually know” that is, even if someone showed him the truth and he did not comprehend it or was convicted of it – then he can still be saved! — is this true?

Protestants according to these things can be saved! Or can they?

Now, the Book Liberalism is a sin (Tan Books, Chapter 15, pg. 72-73):

“By a very natural consequence, when the hierarch of a diocese fell into error, most of his subordinates–clerics and laity full of confidence in their pastor–fell with him. This was all the easier, owing to the difficulty of communication with Rome in ancient times, when the infallible voice of the Universal Pastor could not readily reach the flock in parts remote from the Chair of Peter. The diffusion of many ancient heresies, which were mostly purely theological, was nearly always due to this cause. Hence we find St. Jerome crying out in the fourth century: Ingemuit universus orbis se esse Arianum: “The whole world goaned to find itself Arian.” This also explains how in the midst of great schisms and great heresies, such as the Greek Schism and Anglican heresy, there may be numbers of souls in whom the roots of the True Faith are not dead, although in its exterior profession this faith may appear deformed and vicious. Such was the case in England for many years after the rebellion of Henry VIII, and such, in some instances, is the case in our own times [1886], for the ready acceptance of the True Faith by many English converts of recent years bears ample witness to the vitality of the Faith in souls so grossly betrayed into heresy by apostate guides three centuries ago *. **Such souls, united to the Mystical Body of the Church by Baptism, by interior Sanctifying Grace, are able to gain eternal salvation with ourselves.” ***




I heard that Fr. Faber taught that there is salvation outside the Church – any help? Where? What book and page?[/size]

What happened to your other thread on the exact same topic?

You have already received answers to this question on another thread that basically asked the same question. I guess my question is: did you not read the responses? Did you not read the relevant parts of the Catechism, which some people provided for you in those responses? If so, then what exactly don’t you understand?


Have you not read the replies in other posts on your other threads? Do you just start threads to make a point and then ignore the answers?

Just curious.

God Bless and I hope you read the replies to this very question in other threads here.
I used to go to Baptist sect services too before I became a BORN AGAIN CATHOLIC and opened my eyes to the truth so I can feel your pain in the questions you write. Please open up and ‘see’ what others here are writting for you. You are allways welcome home in His Church, the Cathiolic Church.

I hope you had a very merry Christmass too,

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