Convalidation and annullment


If a Catholic gets married outside of the Catholic church, but then gets the marriage convalidated, is there anyway that the marriage could ever be annulled?


A marriage may be found to be null, that is for the tribunal to decide.


It depends on the grounds that the tribunal looks into . My suggestion is for you to talk to either the Tribunal in your diocese or to one of their advocates. Let them help you with that question


no marriage an ever be annulled, as in dissolved. What can happen in the case of convalidation as in any other marriage, after due investigation, the Tribunal can render a judgement of nullity, that is, state that a valid marriage never existed. Yes, that can happen for any of the grounds that apply to any marriage. However, the nature of the convalidation process is that preparation is very thorough and intended to establish that nothing stands in the way of valid consent. Yes, that is the goal of all marriage preparation, but extra steps are taken in the case of convalidation. So while it is possible, it may not be likely, that such a marriage could someday be judged invalid.


All the grounds for an annulment for a wedding also apply to a convalidation. Additionally, for a convalidation to be valid, it is required that both parties completely acknowledge that their prior attempt at marriage was invalid. If one of the parties was non-Catholic, this is likely grounds for an annulment, as many non-Catholics believe that their prior wedding was valid and they only getting their already existing marriage “blessed” in the Catholic Church.


So, when they convalidate a marriage, do they not even ask the simple questions to make sure the people understand what that means?


as has already been stated, extra care is taken to make sure a relationship that would not be valid from its inception is not blessed in the Church rites, so extra care is taken to make sure there are no impediments, proper free will, knowledge and consent are present, and relationship is on solid ground, and extra preparation is part of this process. If you have questions about your personal situation, please see your pastor, what is said here of necessity is general, not specific.

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