Convalidation beore RCIA?


I grew up protestant and was baptized Presbyterian and am considering joining RCIA as I feel God calling me to the Catholic Church.

My wife is Catholic but we were married by my pastor (southern baptist) in an outdoor setting about 8 months ago. We were both not aware that a dispensation had to be received for our marriage since I am protestant and the ceremony was performed by a protestant.

My question is this: can our marriage be convalidated in the catholic church before or during my joining RCIA? I want my wife to be able to receive sacraments again and I know RCIA takes some time. Furthermore, if and when I go through RCIA, would my marriage situation be an issue?

As long as neither you nor your wife have ever been married before then this is a fairly simple convalidation. It could take place before you enter RCIA or during the RCIA process. It would, however, definitely need to take place before you are officially received into the Catholic Church.

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