Convalidation Ceremony?


My husband and I converted over one year ago. We were received into The Church at Easter Vigil, receiving First Communion and Confirmation and my husband was baptized that night too. (I had already been baptized in a Lutheran Church as a baby.)

Way back in 1996 we got married. It was a Lutheran Ceremony, with a Lutheran PAstor presiding. Outdoors. And only I was baptized at the time…but my husband was not.

So…my question is:
Does our marriage need to be convalidated? Should we do the convalidation ceremony thing? OR is it already valid and sacramental in the Eyes of the Church.

I thought we didn’t need to get convalidated. For our particular case. I have read extensively on this topic.
But I have received VERY OPPOSING views on this from different priests and don’t know what to believe. Sometimes I think I know more about it, and all about the particulars of converting, more than our priest does?!?!?

Also, both these priests have flip-flopped on their advice and answers so that they are opposed, but opposed in the very OPPOSITE way that they originally were opposed in their advice to us.
If you can follow what I am trying to say.
I know it is confusing.
AND both flip-flopped on their original thoughts because BOTH say they checked with the next level up. So please don’t tell me to go that route…checking with the next level up.

Do we need to convalidate? Or do we not need to convalidate?

A clear answer please.
Thank you


I would still check with the next level up. Not take their word for it, go to the diocese level and ask someone there.

Since you were not Catholic when you married, you married in the Lutheran Church. I don't think that requires convalidation but I'm no expert. Someone here has a lot of experience but still, you should go up a level yourself, not through the priest, and find out for certain sure.

Congratulations on your conversion and sacraments! And Welcome Home!!



Since you were baptized Lutheran and your husband was not baptized at all, I don't see what the problem would be.

That said, these priests clearly are not reliable and I second the suggestion to take this to a higher level. You said not to recommend that, but I figure one or both the priests made a mistake somewhere along the line, and I would seek an answer at a higher level myself.


Convalidation is for those cases where at least one party was Catholic and the Church norms on marriage were not followed. If neither of you were Catholic when you got married and both later joined the Church, there is no need for convalidation. Your marriage was valid to begin with and became sacramental through your RCIA process.


The marriage, assuming it was valid, would have been natural rather than sacramental because one party was not baptized. I would assume his baptism would have made it sacramental automatically, though I'm not certain.


No, neither my husband nor myself were baptized Catholic. I was baptized Protestant (Lutheran) and was a Lutheran right up to our conversion into the Catholic Church.

And my husband was never baptized at all until coming into the Catholic Church.
Sorry to be unclear.


I had missed that in your post and edited accordingly when I saw it. Have the priests expressed concern about any other aspect of your marriage, apart from religious affiliation? For example, your ideas of marriage at the time or even a previous marriage? Or is this 100% a matter of is a marriage between a Lutheran and a non-Christian valid?


It gets confusing, doesn't it? From my understanding (and I read a lot about con-validations, since I had to get one!)-- your marriage is now sacramental. Since you were not Catholic at the time of your marriage, you were only beholden to rules of the Lutheran church. Assuming that there were no irregularities with your marriage (and no previous marriages that could be an impediment), you had a natural marriage. I believe that's the correct term.

Your marriage was not sacramental, however since baptism is the gateway sacrament, and is necessary to receive the rest of the sacraments. However, once your husband was baptized, your marriage became sacramental. Make sense?

Here's a thread from earlier in the year that is extremely similar to your situation:

1ke had a very nice idea in the above thread:

"However, you can ask your priest to pray the Nuptial Blessing over you. This is part of the Marriage Rite. It doesn't have anything to do with validity, but it would be a nice thing to do upon your entry into the Church."


[quote="blessedbyt, post:6, topic:244155"]
No, neither my husband nor myself were baptized Catholic. I was baptized Protestant (Lutheran) and was a Lutheran right up to our conversion into the Catholic Church.

And my husband was never baptized at all until coming into the Catholic Church.
Sorry to be unclear.


Unless there is some other impediment you have not disclosed (such as a prior marriage for either of you) then your marriage is valid and there is no convalidation. Convalidation makes an invalid marriage valid.

You can, however, ask for the Nuptial Blessing from your priest.


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