Convalidation etiquette

My husband and I are having our convalidation ceremony soon, and we are having a small luncheon reception at a local restaurant after the ceremony. Would it be appropriate to invite the priest, and if so, is an email invitation satisfactory? (This is how we delivered the other invitations, since this is a VERY small gathering. )

Yes, and yes. You could also invite him verbally. Don’t feel slighted if he if declines, for whatever reason.

Of course it’s polite and semi-expected for a priest to be invited to celebrations like this. However, priests are always busy so don’t take it personally if he can’t attend because of other commitments. I think your priest will be very happy to be invited to the celebration of your marriage! An email or verbal invitation is quite enough since that is how you’re doing it for everyone else. When I invite priests to things, I always try to follow up with a written invitation by mail or by email because priests don’t always carry their calendars and like to have the mailed one. I should also add that not all priests are good about RSVPing. If yours is like that, just reserve an extra seat in case he decides to show up. Remember, Jesus attended the marriage in Cana and celebrated afterwards with the best wine. You will be getting married and this is a time for rejoicing and a party.

We wanted to keep our dinner afterwards (which we cooked at home), strictly for my wife and sons.

We did however, give the priest gifts: a book on beginner’s Gregorian chant, a selection of cheeses from the local abbey and wine.

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