Convalidation of Marraige Help


Hi, I’m in the process of completing the RCIA course and due to be confirmed at the Easter Vigil. The Fr at our parish has now asked me to have my marraige convalidated as i was married by a registrar. We are both baptised Church of Scotland. I have been told the Convalidation is not required but Fr would like us to do this. I am having a problem finding certain documents and i am upset that this may delay me accepted as a full member of the Catholic church.

Does anyone have any idea’s if this is needed?

Thank you


I would think that the Church recognizes Church of Scotland baptisms. Does that church recognize the validity of registrar marriages? If so, your marriage is already a valid Christian marriage and does not need convalidation.



I recommend discussing this again with the priest and if he is firm in his opinion, let him know you are getting a second opinion–someone at the diocesan chancery office, for example. Lay out all the facts. Based on what you have said here, I would agree that there seems to be no reason to attempt a convalidation. But, it’s not my decision to make, ultimately.



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