Convalidation of Marriage

Hello, I am new here. I’ve tried searching this topic but can’t seem to find someone in a similar situation.

My husband and I were married 5 years ago in a civil ceremony by a justice of the peace. I was baptized in a United Church of Christ and then received communion and confirmation at 15 in the Catholic Church. My parents didn’t really raise me Catholic and it was my own choice to become one. (However my mom was raised Catholic.) I thought that I couldn’t be married in the Catholic Church because my DH wasn’t Catholic. I’ve now learned that there is a convalidation ceremony.

My husband is an unbaptized agnostic but has agreed to raise our children Catholic. We have two daughters (2.5 and 3.5 months). I attend mass weekly but don’t take communion.

After talking it through, he agreed to have our marriage convalidated as long as he doesn’t have to be baptized.

Is it even possible to have our marriage convalidated in the Catholic Church? I am happy that he has agreed to this but I’m wondering if it is even possible now. I do plan to call my church next week.

I am going through the convalidation process myself. It really shouldn’t be a problem having your marriage convalidated if your husband is willing, and vows to have any children baptized and brought up Catholic. My Priest is setting up some appointments for my husband and I (my husband does not go to church) to make sure that he understands all that is involved in a Catholic marriage, no divorce etc… and to talk about the ceremony
I don’t know about you but I cannot wait for that day, I have been on the outs with the Church for too long and cannot wait for the day I can receive communion again :slight_smile:


absolutely, Amanda! I can’t wait. It is such a relief to have voiced my concerns to my husband, to have him agree, and to be able to find a resolution to this.

Our oldest is baptized and our second will be baptized on May 3. :slight_smile:

Sure convalidate or Radical Sanate also fits well. Typically a marriage class to assure you both know what marriage is intend to stay married. Then paper work, and last a simple meeting with the priest.

THank you!

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