Convalidation of our Marriage tonight

Tonight after the 5:30 pm mass, my husband and I had our marriage convalidated in our Parish chapel. I am a Catholic convert, he is a cradle Catholic. I went through the RCIA classes and since I was married before, went through the Marriage Tribunal process to have my first marriage annulled.

It was definitely worth all the struggle. Our Parish priest performed the Sacrament, my confirmation sponsor who is a Deacon and his wife were there…our youngest son who is also a convert was a witness.

It’s a short ceremony but it meant the world to both of us. Then it was time for a celebration and we all went out for dinner, including the other Parish priest.

I am so thankful to be Catholic…I am so happy I found my way home to the Church.


Great, congratulations! :tiphat:

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I am hoping one day to do the same. My wife and I have not yet begun the annulment process for her first marriage but we are about too. Please pray for us. Thank you!

Congradulations!! Such happy, happy news.:flowers:
May you and your husband live a long and happy life, showered with God’s blessings.
To the happy bride and groom! :love::love:

Wonderful news. The angesl in heaven rejoiced with you. :thumbsup:


**I will be praying for you. **

How wonderful! Welcome home!

What a happy and blessed day for you and your sweetie!
God’s Blessings.

Congratulations to you and your husband! Best wishes for a long and happy married life.

Congratulations and prayers for a grace filled future for your family - Joe K.

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