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Hello all,

I am an Episcopalian. My daughter is going to be married in an Episcopal church this summer. Her fiance is French and nominally Catholic (as most French are). He asked me about convalidation. I have a Jesuit friend who can help, but as this priest is not American, he may not know the particular practices of the US church.

Here is my question: My daughter and future son-in-law reside within one Catholic diocese, and the church where the wedding will take place is in another Catholic diocese. Which one has jurisdiction?

Oh, also, because he is French, he has to await a fiance visa, so although the wedding planning continues apace, he has to await the granting of a visa by the US Embassy, so he will probably be here about 45 days prior to the wedding. This means that marriage preparation in the Episcopal Church needs to be done in a short time along with whatever things are required by the Catholic church.

Thank you in advance for your help.

The diocese where the Catholic party resides (domicile) would do the marriage preparations.

Please know that a dispensation could be obtained by the Catholic party to allow marriage by the Episcopal minister.

Mixed marriages require more time for marriage prep, not less. The whole thing seems too rushed in my view.

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He should contact the closest to him and discuss it with a priest. He and your daughter have to complete the Catholic marriage preparations. He may ask for a dispensation to be married in the Episcopal church so no convalidation will be necessary. Hopefully there is enough time.

Sadly, the Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church must bow to the particular strictures of the fiance visa. He is granted the visa and has a short time to come to the US and marry, or the whole thing is invalidated.

Episcopal clergy who are not deacons or bishops are called priests.

You could still maybe work something out. I know when I was preparing to get married, my husband was in training for the military…we did sort of long distance marriage prep.

Contact the Catholic Church NOW and see what can be done. It would be better to get the dispensation rather than have to go through everything later.

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