Convalidation Question


The man was a church attending Catholic until getting married to a non-Catholic Christian woman. The wedding took place at the non-Catholic church and no permission was sought from the Catholic Church to do this (if there is such thing as a permission for this I don’t know). The man doesn’t attend mass anymore but has no interest in joining the non-Catholic Christian church attended by the woman. They have multiple children in between 10 and 3 years of age and the wife is sterilized. The wife is probably somewhat hostile to the Catholic faith, the man probably has some interest, at the very least sentimental interest.

What are the options for convalidation to get the man out of what I presume is mortal sin? Is there a promise to raise children Catholic? The wife would probably not allow this. What about when the kids are older? Would the wife have to agree to the convalidation?


The man should make an appointment with his pastor at his local Catholic Church. If there are no other impediments such as prior marriage(s) then there are two methods of convalidation available:

Simple convalidation- the two exchange consent in the Catholic form.
Radical sanation- no new exchange of consent and the route the husband would need to go if the wife will not participate in simple convalidation.


If the man has no interest in being active in the Church then convalidation is pointless and should not be pursued. In normal cases the Catholic party to the marriage would promise to do everything in their power to raise the kids Catholic. The non-Catholic party no longer has to make this promise.


That was my initial thought - why would the man in this description want con-validation? What this person really needs are prayers for a revival of their faith and spiritual life - a return to Christ’s Church:gopray2: … life is a journey - hopefully - he will return to his faith :thumbsup:


It seems the OP would be interested in encouraging the man to resume the practice of the faith but wanted to know what would be necessary for that to happen.


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