Convalidation Today... Need Help!

My Convalidation is hours away and no one has told me how much $ I am supposed to give my Deacon for performing the ceremony.

Can anyone give me advice on how much you gave your church for your wedding or convalidation. Is $100 enough??? No one gave me a price for using the church either.

I just want to do the right thing :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Give what you can afford, it is considered a “love offering”.

The Deacon will be extra happy when there is more offering than love :smiley: -

$100 is more than enough.

If they didnt give you a price for using the Chruch then there probably isn’t one.

If you want to be sure and you think they may have been just forgetful as in some Parishes there are those extra human humans that serve - you could always call the office and ask the secretary.

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