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Does anyone know where to find information on the process of con-validation of marriages, and what it entails. I saw a thread on the Ask an Apologist Forum that mentioned living for six months as brother and sister. The apologist said that is not required. I am wondering what is required.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Your parish priest. It entail’s virtually the same thing as marriage preparation -although I think most can forgo pre-cana classes with some councel from the priest. If you are still engaged in marital relations you must refrain from recieving communion. Before the ceremony one should then make a good confession and then abstain until after the ceremony. In the convalidation ceremony you say the same vows you would say as in a marriage ceremony. It can be simple -only two witnesses necessary or more elaborate if you wish.
Ofcourse both parties must be free to marry, no previous marriages unless the’ve been annulled.

Hi Sheri -

I would also recommend talking with your parish priest. I had to call mine as I just recently returned to the Church and had no idea that my wedding “didn’t count” for the Catholic Church. Disappointing to say the least.

I’ve made an appointment with him to discuss it with my husband.

Your parish priest will let you know what will need to be done.

In the meantime, Google “convalidation” - I came up with a few hits that helped explain it for me.


Check out this new website offered by the archdiocese of Chicago. It offers most things you want to know about marriage including convalidation of a marriage. It is

It is terrific!

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