Has anyone been through the process of convalidation with a non-religious person or someone who might not be (at the moment) keen with getting married within the church.

I got married to my husband more then 8 years ago. He is an ex-Mormon. At the time we got married I was away from the Catholic church. I only recently have come back and have been going to Mass for close to 4 years now. We have 2 wonderful kids who both were baptized last year and one on the way. My oldest in the 2nd grade RE classes and my youngest(for now as we have a baby on the way) is just starting the CotGS program.

Any insite on difficult convalidation would be nice.


It is possible as long as there are no non-dispensible impediments. If the non-Catholic (or non practicing Catholic) spouse does not want to cooperate to give new consent, then it may be possible to receive a retroactive convalidation (a.k.a., radical sanation). It would require filling out various forms for pre-marriage, and for the sanation, and including affidavits from two people regarding freedom to marry, and a certificate of baptism and civil marriage certificate. The normal Catholic form of marriage is dispensed and usually there is also a dispensation, as a caution regarding disparity of cult.

Congratulations on coming back to the Church, and for the kids, both the ones here and the one on the way!

Don’t worry about the convalidation, talk to your pastor and let him guide you. I went to a convalidation wedding ceremony recently on a Saturday evening after Mass. It was very simple and yet beautiful. As others have noted, if your husband refuses to participate in a new ceremony, your bishop can grant you a “radical sanation” recognizing your marriage.

I have. It wasn’t so bad. :slight_smile:

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