Convents to stay at in Auschwitz & Vienna?

I will be in Europe next summer for WYD, and will have a month to travel in Europe after WYD itself… I am hoping to go visit Auschwitz and Vienna before traveling to visit a friend in France.

Can anyone out there help me locate possible convents or friendly youth hostels to stay at in (or near) Auschwitz and Vienna?

I have searched online with no luck in finding a convent near Auschwitz, apparently there was a Carmelite convent near there that has been moved, but there seems to be no record of where they actually moved to or how to contact them…

I have no idea where to even begin in Vienna…



Krakow, a lovely city, is fairly close to Aushcwitz (which is the Polish city Oswiem; Auschwitz is a German corruption of the name). I would recommend staying there. It has many places to stay and sites to vist. I spent quite a few days exploring its histrorical chuches one Christmas season. Yu can also visit the (mostly) former Jewish neighborhoods. Much of Schindler’s List was flimed there. It is Poland’s equivalent of Canterbury; completel with a cathredral where St. Stanislaw, a character very similar to Thomas a Becket, was killled by “misinterpreted orders” given by a Polish monarch.

In Vienna, the Pallottines have a lovely retreat house near Schoenbrunn Castle – Or try the seminar centre of the Jesuits,



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