Conversation ideas

Hope someone will have some good ideas here.:newidea:

My Fiance and I are both quiet people by nature. I am a bookworm and he is a Video game nut. We don’t really talk all that much and we both realize this is not very good. We need some ideas about conversation staters…things like getting to know the “you” I plan to marry kind of thing.

Does anyone have the NewlyWed game? Is this the time of game that would be helpful?

Have you been on an enganged encounter? They have great questions. Reading some books together and discussing them would be good (get him books on tape and he can listen while he plays video games). Good News About Sex & Marriage would be a good one. Join a young adult group or bible study in your parish.

Communication is VERY IMPORTANT in marriage. Make sure you work on it!

In my house when conversation is slow we get out the “If” books for dinnertime conversation or road trips. They are packed with fun questions.

Start doing things together. This will naturally lead to conversation. Or, if you’re reading next to each other, stop occasionally to read each other an interesting section of your book or ask each others’ opinions on an author’s statement, that kind of thing.

Being quiet isn’t necessarily a bad thing- my dh and I are both introverted and quiet but have plenty of easy communication when we feel like it, especially when we’re enjoying an activity together. If you two can’t find some mutually enjoyable activities, though, maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship?:o

Well, another thing to consider is that since you are engaged, you two are probably also getting to know each other’s families, so that in and of itself will probably give the two of you things to talk about.

I’m guessing you’re probably both introverts. If that’s the case, you don’t need to talk. Most introverts abhor the idea of small talk (with some exceptions) and only talk when they have something relevant to say that they have thoroughly thought out. There’s no such thing as an uncomfortable silence.

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