Conversation with SSPX Priest triggers questions

I had a face-to-face conversation with an SSPX Priest yesterday which triggered me to have the following questions:

  1. Is the SSPX religion considered authentically Catholic by the Catholic Church’s magesterium?

  2. How do the SSPX reconcile their belief in Vatican I, specifically their belief that the Catholic Pope is Infallible, with their belief that they need to remain separate from the Catholic Pope in order to be faithful to what they consider authentic Catholicism?

  3. Are Catholics who attend SSPX Churches exclusively seen in the same category as Catholics who attend Eastern Orthodox Churches exclusively?

  4. Also, the 26-yr old SSPX priest said that Vatican II was not supposed to change any dogma, but that it changed all the authentically Catholic beliefs. When I asked him to name one, he was quick to say ABORTION. He said that prior to Vatican II, Abortion was considered a sin, but now it’s considered acceptable. I was like, huh? He said that recently a well-known woman who had an abortion was ex-communicated for it by her Bishop, but that under the pressure of several other Bishops, he was required to lift that ex-communication. I told him that the CCC, produced through VII, is very much opposed to Abortion - he said he wasn’t aware of that, that was news to him. I wonder if the SSPX know what they’re opposing?

I have read two very long articles about priests who attended one of the SSPX seminaries and after being ordained and working in one of their chapels, left the order. They are basically much more cult like and do not appreciate much questioning of their doctrine if what I read us in any way true. It would make sense that their young priests would have no clue what the real Church teaches or even what the RCC charitable outreach encompasses. It’s almost scary. I pray that they disappear and that the poor young men that have been roped into the SSPX are able to relearn about our true Church. :rolleyes:

Here’s a simple test. Is the SSPX is communion with the church such as to have faculties to celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments? No.
Their Mass only fulfills obligation if there is no other Mass available, period.

I would avoid them in the same way one avoids people who are disobedient.
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