Conversational Method of Address to Priest


I call the priests I know…

  • Fr. (first name)
  • Fr. (last name)
  • Depends on circumstance
  • Other

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I go by “Father Middle name,” because my last name is constantly mispronounced, and it’s easier than going around correcting everyone all the time, and I don’t go by my first name.



Diocesan = Fr. Last Name

Religious = Fr. “First” name

Any priest I don’t personally know = Fr. Last Name or what they ask to be called.

This is generally how it has worked out for me.


If I’m talking to one, it’s Father first-name. If it’s a letter (I admittedly haven’t written one to a priest yet), I would address it to Reverend Father.


So, essentially your first name? I’d assume you’ve always gone by your middle name?


What if there are multiple priests in the room?


Fathers! :smile:


I simply go with “Father,” period, or “Monsignor” for my cathedral’s rector. He knows whom I’m talking to.


You need to single out one of them


Father Third From The Left!


Then Father first-name. If they have the same first name, then Father last-name.

If they have the same first and last names, then it’s, “Hey you with the face and the collar!” :rofl:


It depends on how they introduce themselves to me. Most seem to like Father first name, a few (mostly older) like last name, and some (like my cousin and a dear friend from childhood) I just call by their nick names. Military chaplains are usually Father last name, but sometimes use their military rank instead


Father Last name or just Father

Off topic but when would religious be addressed using “Brother” as opposed to Father?


Yes, I’ve always gone by my middle name. Perhaps we might say I’m “Father Given Name.”


When they have taken vows, but are not ordained.

The universal term for both priests and brothers is ‘friar’, I believe.


Not every religious is ordained a priest thus making Br. appropriate for those not ordained a priest. In some communities, the default is to call everyone Brother whether ordained a priest or not.


Ok thanks. Are most brothers eventually ordained? Does it depend on the order?


Depends on the order.


It depends on the order. Some specifically enter the order for a religious priestly vocation, others enter as brothers and are selected by their superiors to be ordained on a per-need basis for the community (the Carthusians are an example).


Depends how they address me —whether we’re on a formal or first-name basis.

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