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Has anyone read this book series?? Im listening to the mp3 version and I don’t know what to make out of it… It seems it goes very in the grounds of deism…what are your opinions on this?


No opinions on this??


Neal Donald Walsh??

Read the first few many years ago. Just curious about New Age thinking at the time. It all sounds great but no accountability for your actions. Everyone goes to heaven ect. Reincarnation ect.

Sorry if this isn’t the book your referencing.:frowning:


If you are referring to Neil Diamond Walsch’s books, they are New Age spirituality. Personally I have to say they lack the depth of wisdom and reflection and truth you find in the world’s major established religions, and like much New Age, it is fairly syncretic and wishy-washy and vague.


I quickly read Walsch’s first book because I was given a challenge from a lapsed Christian. He didn’t think my discussion of the author’s ideas were worth anything without reading the book first.

So I read the book and it was worse than expected. It is as another poster has mentioned “new age.” Moreover, when you go to Barnes and Noble you will find the book series properly located in the “New Age” section. IMHO, Walsh’s books are nonsense. He does, however, know how to make money writing books that appeal to those who embrace “relativism” and to theories that suggest that everyone is going to heaven.


Yes, its Neal Walshes book series…the part that I couldn’t understand was when it said that hitler was going to heaven and things like this…


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