Conversion for my wife


For my wife, Adrienne, that she may accept the Catholic faith.

Thank you.


Prayers for your wife.:slight_smile:




I dont understand.In your personal profile you list your religion as Protestant,the web sight you have at the bottom of your prayer request is for the Unification church[also known as “moonies”].I will pray that both you and your wife will discover that the Catholic church has “the whole truth”.I dont mean to offend.May the Holy Spirit direct your steps in your search for the truth.




I will pray for you and your wife.




I’ll pray for her at Mass today.


Dear Calvin,

I will pray for your wife. Just never ever let go. Nothing is impossible with God - Luke 1:37.






Adrienne is in my prayers…


I also read your profile my friend and it’s time to change your religion under preference, don’t you think? Is your wife a Moonie? Just curious not judging. My prayers are with you and your dear wife.

Bless you,


Praying for your wife’s conversion.


Not to over-analyse the prayer request, but the last post by Calvin here was from this thread way back in 2004:

Praised be Jesus Christ that you crossed the Tiber!..if that is in fact what you did. (Yes, you may want to update your profile then :wink: )

I think the Moonie reference is a joke (notice the rolls on floor laughing emoticon).

My prayers are with you. When my wife and I married she was a Jehovah Witness (albeit a non-practising one) but has since made her conversion to the Catholic faith. I will certainly intercede on your behalf that your faith will be one in the Catholic Church. God bless!


Lord let Adrienne hear Your voice, and want to become a part of Your church this day. In the name of Your Son Jesus I pray. Amen.


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner…and on the request of my friend. Amen





Dear Calvin…will keep Adrienne in prayer for her conversion…


Oh my goodness I didn’t notice Stylteralmaldo. Wish he would come back and give us an update. :rolleyes:


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