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I am going to my first mass tonight. I was planning on talking to the priest about conversion but don’t know when. should I call him and tell him I want to convert or go see him after mass tonight? I know it sounds like a silly question but I really want to know which is a better way to go about this?

Don’t worry or feel nervous! Trust yourself but trust God’s plan for you even more!
Ok, so you can go to talk to the priest directly after the Mass. If there is a priest hanging around, just go directly and say “hi” to them …
Or you can go to their website can call/email the right personnel to ask about RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adult).
Yea that’s about it. I am taking RCIA now. Everything is very natural and smooth. I hope you can have a great journey on conversion as well!
God bless!

If your Parish office is open you could stop by there and ask for information on RCIA. Or I am sure you can also speak to a priest after mass.

I think in many places RCIA is just starting (I am in week 3) so now is probably a great time to join.:thumbsup:

God is willing, he has been calling! Don’t be the last one in! :thumbsup:

We always capitalize “Mass,” so I fixed your post in my response.

Hang around after Mass and go see the priest, shake his hand and tell him you want to convert. He may have time right then, or he may tell you to make an appointment to see him during the week (weekends are busy times for a parish priest) or when it is convenient for you. If you feel too shy, you can always just call and make an appointment to meet with him.

Welcome Home!!!


Either way works.

Participating without taking communion is not a bad idea for a few weeks to make sure this is the path you want to pursue. On the other hand calling the Church to be welcomed as a guest makes sense as well.

When I decided I wanted to find out about the Church, I went to a midday Mass and afterwards approached the priest and said I was interested. He sat me down and I talked a bit about my personal circumstances and why I wanted to become a member. A few weeks later I had another meeting with him and we discussed my situation in more detail. That was in April. Since then, apart from a month in midsummer, I’ve been attending Mass nearly every week and I have been in RCIA classes since the beginning of September.

Don’t be afraid to approach the priest after Mass - although of course he might be busy. You could phone the church too and make an appointment with him that way.

Good luck! Don’t give up even if it seems hard to join - I think it will be worth it :slight_smile:

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