Conversion in Anglican Circumstances


Dear all,

As you can see from my profile, I want to convert to the Catholic Church. However I’m afraid that my circumstances don’t feel too good. Let me give you an overview, why.

I my parents are Anglican and Lutheran, as were my grandparents. I am Anglican too, and our family has been rooted for many many years (decades in fact) in one of the oldest Anglican churches off British territory. We’re associated with the parish and have a personal connection to it.
My mum is kind of opposed to the Catholic Church, though I don’t know why. She’s not bashing her, it just seems she has a dislike for the Church.

Now, I am about to start a year of voluntary work at the parish, starting in September. I’m looking forward to that, in hope of the possibility to gain some influence. (As I have the feeling the parish is heading for a too modern course, which I don’t like.) However, I would be very uncomfortable to convert while I am working there, and in general I feel I’m in difficult circumstances because of our “heritage”. The priest seems to have quite an opposition to the Catholic Church too, saying things like: “Catholics are always told what miserable sinners they are.” That was the response I received when I told him about my visit to Mass in Rome.

Now, I’m looking for help and advice. Maybe anybody of you was a convert, possibly from Anglicanism, having encountered this type of situation? Any things I could say to any of the mentioned people? Reccommendations on how I might want to proceed?

I’m grateful for any help you can offer.


It is always difficult when one leaves the church he was raised in to enter the Catholic Church. Your responsibility is to follow the call that God has sent you and He is calling you home to the Church. Just keep them in prayer and try to avoid discussing religion with them.

Welcome Home!


Sure, I will follow the call I feel. I just don’t want to ruin relationships and friendships, like with our current parish and priest. They’re all really nice chaps, after all. In addition, the voluntary work I’m doing there for a year would undoubtedly suffer, if I take steps too quickly. I donÄt want that to happen, as it would spoil it for all of us.

Thank you for the welcome, I’m really looking forward!


Do you live near an Anglican Ordinariate parish? I would search online for the closest mission Parish of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and get in contact with the pastor. He would know exactly where you're coming from and would have the invaluable experience of having been an Anglican PRIEST converting and leaving his Anglican ministry, church building, job, etc. I'm sure you'll find some solid advice!

Edit I just noticed you live in Germany. Nevertheless, get in contact with the Personal Ordinariate, even though you probably wouldn't be joining a mission parish, they will have some very useful advice for you.


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