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hello ive posted on this board before now i have a new twist, ive been wanting to convert to the catholic church from the lutheran church i was baptized as an infant, ive been married since 2005 to a wonderful woman who happens to be jewish personaly i never had a problem with this and she and her family have never had a problem with me being christain i was embrased by them. so my calling to the church has become stonger over the last couple of years ive begun inquirering more, rcia classes going to mass etc: now my wife is totaly freaked out about all of this she dosent understand why i should do this she said you shouldent change what you are and why dont you just go to catholic church without joining etc; i asked her if she would have married me if i was already catholic and she said no. lol this makes no sense to me at all what is the difference? being lutheran is pretty close i need help on this .thanks :shrug:


Welcome back to the forum.

This is quite a problem. One I don’t think you’ll get the best answers on a forum of this type. I recommend you contact a priest at your local Catholic Church for guidance. I mean you have several related and intertwined problems all at the same time. I can offer you my prayers, as I hope all here will do. Your wife may be less “freaked out” as she comes to know the Catholic Church. Let her know it’s not what she thinks… LOL


agreed. Why would your wife be opposed to the catholic church? If anything, the catholic church and the jewish church walk hand in hand. You might check up, she may be victim of the libels against the church like the sinful text “hitler’s pope” or other items which portray the current church as anti-jewish (a ridiculous claim)


Frankly, I dont think she is much of wife that gets ‘‘freaked out’’ in your pursuit of God loving hand. She should be gratefull


I think you just insulted my wife! What an *** you are.


That was really uncalled for. You owe JUPITERMADCAT a BIG apology.:tsktsk:

JUPITERMADCAT , it seems to me that some, and I mean some, have issues with the CC because of misinformation or by bad example from a few Catholics…
I would ask her why she was fine with you ,as a Protestant, and not as a Catholic?

Continue your journey, God will bless you and your family.
Sure, you might have some tough time ahead, but Our Blessed Lord is worth it.
He will not let you go through it alone. He will be with you. :thumbsup:

Praise and Glory to the Eternal King, Jesus Christ.

p.s. Also pick up these books from 2 Jewish converts.

  1. Salvation is from the Jews by Roy Schoeman
  2. Second Exodus by Marty Barrack


I think im owed a big apology what gives you the right to disrepect someones wife???

You are the one who needs God’s Blessing and forgiveness!

Dont you have any shame??


My statement "That was really uncalled for." was meant for Proverbs4me.
Please read the post again. I told “Proverbs4me” that he owes **you **a BIG apology.

Praise and Glory to the Eternal King, Jesus Christ.


Thank you very much for your support

God bless :o


Thanks i’m trying to continue on my journey but sometimes you have bumps (Noble)
in the road

Christ’s Peace.


JUPITERMADCAT , it seems to me that some, and I mean some, have issues with the CC because of misinformation or by bad example from a few Catholics…
I would ask her why she was fine with you ,as a Protestant, and not as a Catholic?

Well i think it’s that big stigma between Catholic and Jews it always seems to be between the two i really dont herar it from Other Christians as much and i don’t understand it really



Well, to be entirely fair, it doesn’t seem like he JUST insulted your wife. That WAS two years ago, after all. I doubt he even looks at this thread anymore.:stuck_out_tongue:

How is your walk back to the tiber river going? Have you talked to your wife yet? Found out the reason she’s opposed to the catholic church now? After all, the best way for us to help you out would be for us to know the actually complaint to discuss.


Hello everyone!

Long time indeed just a update i dropped out of the RCIA class which i really enjoyed until i heard the my wife might had to get her first marriage annulled which i could and would not put her through. i just did not see the point I’m the one joining not her. I’m not Catholic Material i guess.:shrug: just wanted to give everyone a update it’s been a few years

Blessings to all! :slight_smile:


Sorry to here that.

But yeah that would be the requirement. I’m hopping they explained it to you. It has nothing to do with your wife, but the potential status of your marriage.

I’ve been through something similar.

Depending upon the situation, the annulment may, however, not be that big of a deal.

If either your wife or her ex were not baptised Chrisitians at the time of their marriage then the annulment is a potential time consuming, but not particularly painful matter.

Other than that, yeah, it is a pretty difficult process, not from the standpoint of the clerical / legal process but in terms of opening up those old wounds and answering some rather difficult questions. Asking witnesess to do the same isn’t alot of fun either.

From the positive side she may learn quite a bit about her self and her ex that she didn’t really understand at the time (and maybe even now).

For me (and I presume for many others) this process actually helped me in dramatic ways, both spritually and emotionally.

In any case, I’d pray about it. I think its worth the effort.

God bless,



I’m Afraid no explanation would suffice for me ,it makes no sense i just wanted to give an update.



Just frustrated, out of curiosity how would a annulment of my wife’s first marriage would work she is Jewish i believe she had a Jewish wedding. we had a notary public.



I think there are a lot of things in Catholicism that bridge the gap between Christianity and Judaism.

Frankly before I reverted back to the Catholic Church I spent some time with Messianic Jews and learned a lot about Judaism. They are charasmatic evangelical in structure but hold to certain jewish traditions and of course singing in hebrew which is lots of fun if you don’t know hebrew! However, I would focus on the connection of her faith and Catholicism. BTW what does she have against the Catholic Church? I know many Jews feel that there is a significant history of Anti-Semitism in the Catholic Church especially some will refer to the Fathers for Anti-Semetic Quotes. Is this where she’s coming from?


excuse may answering a question with a question, but

what did Jesus say to His listeners, who btw, were all Jews, about divorce and remarriage?


Care to enlighten me?:shrug:

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