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Any suggestion for helping along the conversion of my boyfriend? He is a Methodist (more Wesleyan, not as modern Methodist) and is not looking to convert to Catholicism, though I have been praying for his conversion for a while. I have much faith and confidence in his conversion, I have given him a green scapular and pray the prayers along with it, and I received a rose from St. Therese when I prayed for his conversion. I didn’t tell him until recently. I really want to help him, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight or suggestions, especially if you know of a Methodist who has converted or are one yourself. What was the turning point for you? Most of all, I would really REALLY appreciate your prayers for him. I want the Eucharist for him more than anything and being that I love him so much, I really want him to have the fullness of the faith.

Thanks in advance, and God bless.


Wow! How beautiful! Your words display much faith and trust in the efficacy of your prayers which will avail much for him. I would kindly suggest to fast for his conversion, and offer up as many sufferings, temptations, etc. for him.


Why don’t you just ask him? Then respect his wishes. It’s his choice, after all, not yours.


Your joy and good works are supposed to shine so bright that he is drawn to the Church.


There is a very good book about the Rosary written by a Methodist minister, you can pick it up used on Amazon “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy”.


Just love him and love him and love him without making Catholicism the talking point at every turn. He will have to come to this decision on his own and your example is going to be a prime motivator. Blessings to you. :slight_smile:


Yes, my suggestion is: STOP.

He isn’t looking to convert. You seem unwilling to accept that.

You need to accept him as he is, or stop dating him. You need to deal with what is, not what you wish would be.


I get he isn’t looking to convert now. I get that it is his decision. I am not forcing anything on him. However, I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to work in his heart. My faith is in Christ. My faith is in the promises of the Blessed Mother. My faith is also in St. Therese and her sign to me. I love him, and I will always want the fullness of Christ for him. That is what love is. I will never force conversion on him. I know it is God’s job, and not mine. All I’m asking for is advice for being a good example to him and other ways to pray for him.


Question to ask yourself: Are you OK if he NEVER converts?


I feel like I am, as much as I wish the Eucharist for him. Thank you for the question, I’m glad you thought of that.


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