Conversion of Sinners



I have, under the guidance of my spiritual director, begun to pray for the conversion of souls and for all those struggling in their faith. If you have any intentions you would like me to pray for just post below!

Humbly seeking Christ…


Please pray for me as I make my confirmation journey to be a daughter of Christ.

and I will pray for your intention of sinners.



Prayerchanges, I also try to keep in perpetual prayer those who are separated from the faith, especially by sin. I will keep your intentions in my prayers as well.

If you could, please pray for the conversion of a dear agnostic friend of mine, Jorge.

God Bless,



Pray for those who pray for you. Ask God to give them the graces that others won’t accept from Him, but only with your spiritual director’s permission first.


Novena Prayer to
St. Anthony of Padua

O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints,
your love for God and Charity for his creatures,
made you worthy,when on earth, to possess
miraculous powers. Miracles waited on your
word,which you were ever ready to speak
for those in trouble or anxiety. Encouraged by this,
I implore for you to obtain for me
[medical and financial assistance; cures for all ills]
The answer to my prayers may require a miracle.
Ever so, you are the Saint of Miracles. O gentle
and loving St. Anthony,whose heart was ever full
of human sympathy,whisper my petition into
the ears of thy Sweet Infant Jesus, who loved
to be folded in your arms, and the gratitude
of my heart will be ever yours,


Praying. Please pray for my neice Erin and her grandfather Dan who are both suffering very much.


Lord, I pray for the conversion of everybody I know not receiving the sacraments worthily and regularly. You know who they are more than I. Grant them clean hearts, sound minds, and faith in Your Son, Jesus, to bring them safe to the port of Heaven at the end of their days. Amen.


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