Conversion or Reversion to Catholicism After Goddess or "Divine Feminine" Beliefs

Is there anyone, male or female, who has **in the past **practiced or believed in goddess worship, “The Great Mother,” “The Divine Feminine,” feminist-oriented Wiccan or pagan religion or anything similar, who has since returned to or converted to traditional (i.e. loyal to the Magisterium on all moral issues) Catholicism.

If so, would you be willing to share a little bit about your faith journey? I just want to learn and discern what process a person goes through to embrace Catholicism and its beliefs after believing the femininst-based beliefs. Everything from being able to call God “Father” to pro-traditional-marriage and pro-life, which are often deal-breakers for feminist believers.

Please, I am just asking for stories as described, not debate and I don’t mean to attack or offend anybody. If you want to debate about these beliefs would you kindly do so in a thread of your own. I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts their story. Or if you don’t feel comfortable with posting it you could PM it to me. Thanks!

I don’t have any personal experiences with what you are talking about but since consecrating myself to our Lady, the Faith journey has been so real and amazing that I HIGHLY recommend it.

To Jesus through Mary!

God BLess

Oh! Oh! Pick me!

I was neo-pagan for 14 years, converting in 2006. I was Confirmed in March 2010. :smiley:

My route was mainly through the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. That planted the seed that the whole Christian thing may not be hooey. Also, I was much much more comfortable with the Blessed Virgin than with the male God. But as we know, Mary always points to Jesus. :thumbsup:

So I started with thinking about Mary and becoming fascinated with the rosary. After looking at info on Medjugorje, which I had learned about in Catholic school in 1988, I looked at other apparitions, miracles, incorruptibles, etc. And the stage was set.

After awhile of just talking with Mary (in my head, when I took walks) I eventually dipped my toe into talking to Christ. But it took awhile. I was much more comfortable with Mary, as she was non-threatening to me. Maybe it was that she felt less demanding. I didn’t have to accept or reject Christ yet. I could just spend time with her.

I started reading more, listening to Christian radio, learning about the saints. And eventually said a prayer to accept Christ in 2006.

I used to be pro-choice and pro gay marriage. A change in those opinions came way, way later. Like after I was a Christian and already loved God. Those issues didn’t change for me until I had accepted pretty much every other doctrine of the faith. My hunger for the Eucharist, my love of Christ and my desire to be part of the Catholic church were what made me take a good hard look at why I supported those things. And a website with pictures of aborted fetuses.

I was and am a vegetarian (not sure if your friend is, but many neo-pagans are veg-friendly and are strong about respecting animals and the earth). A big question for me was this: why would I look at factory farming videos and not eat meat, while I refused to look at abortion pictures. If someone took chicken eggs that were a day away from hatching and threw them in a blender, I’d freak out. So I had to think about that.

Also, there was social pressure. My friends were lefties and feminists, so it was tough to change.

In short, the steps were:
Mere Christianity book
Relationship with Blessed Virgin
Fascination with Rosary
Miracles of Catholic Church
Relationship with Christ
Desire to join Catholic Church
changes in opinions on abortion, women in clergy and gay marriage (much later).

Hope that helps!

Thank you Cyclone Ranger for sharing. That progression is interesting, and proof that God meets us wherever we’re at. :thumbsup: And that we’re all “works in progress” myself included. :o

Even though I would have a difficult time being vegetarian, let alone vegan, I do think that factory farming is not how God would have us do to the animals He has given us stewardship over. And the land too where there has been deforestation and such.

I try to do my little part by only eating meat once a day, which I think is also healthier. Don’t have it at all on Fridays unless it’s unavoidable like a dinner someone has cooked for me (then I do a different Friday penance to substitute). I got into this habit while I worked at a retreat center.

I’m hoping the demand will increase the supply of meats and dairy products that are raised in humane ways and so on, so that the price won’t be so out of reach. Although I still wouldn’t increase the quantity of my consumption of meat for the health reasons; it’s harder to digest for me as I grow older. But it’d be nice to know my money was going to the organic places instead of the factory farms.

Hope I haven’t digressed too much! Thanks again for your story! :slight_smile:

Oh, and I’ve been reading Lewis over the last year or two - just got done with The Great Divorce: A Dream, and Mere Christianity is next on my list!

I wasn’t ascribed to such believe but at some point I was a bit open to the idea of God being asexual, which is actually what the Church teaches. But of course the Church also teaches that we should not give a persona to God beyond what has revealed to us. So when I realized that, I stopped being open to that idea.

I was a self-styled pagan for several years. I began my tenure as a pagan with beliefs leaning more toward the agnostic side. I believed in that all pervasive god of the lazy sacks. We called “it” the “Higher Power.” But then my sister got me interested in Wicca. A flood of new-age jargon flooded in, and while it went against the grain of my natural tendencies (everything liberal did, and still does) I suppressed my notions of a paternal constructivism. I forced myself to assume that the nature of the universe was innately feminine, the soul, rocks, this website, USW… I began giving female characteristics to male gods and goddesses. By the encouragement of other WIccans, though I never became a Wiccan per se, I began an ardent devotion to the goddess figure. As the years dragged on I rekindled my innate love for my genetic predisposition as a Son of the North and my paganism took on an entirely new flavour. I quickly became a devotee of Woden, I learned to take up the Runes, read all manner of nonsense German philosophy and really, I only managed to drive myself insane. I retained my admiration for the divine feminine through this. When describing the chains of fate (Wyrd) I would always refer to them in the feminine, in respect of the creative powers mistakenly ascribed therein. I had no religious catechesis in growing up. The closest I came to religious structure was reading about ritual with my sister. But it didn’t take me much time to outlearn her in the pagan realm. The height of my paganism is made testament of at where I posted a series of 24 pictures corresponding to the runes, each had a feminine icon. However, during this time, I was strongly leaning into Asatru, and I was itching to test myself. Arrogance marked my tenure as a pagan, I had said on deviantart that I wanted to open a religious debate, but in truth, I only wanted to prove myself against the Christians. Ironically, only the atheists answered my calls. Seven years of carefully researched, highly erudite theory was collapsed in a matter of a week by a particularly impudent atheist. However, that total collapse of belief on my part was the only way to open me to Christ. I was ushered in by Evangelicals through the site. However, the Spirit moved me toward the Church. My previous “religious” experiences have helped me in that I have no problem understanding now the concept of the Church being both the body and bride of Christ. Why the Church is called our mother, and why the Church is naturally feminine while it’s hiearchy is masculine. Well, anyway, I suppose I’ve garbled on long enough.

God bless,

These posts are so enlightening. There is diversity and also common threads. I really appreciate the openness and willingness to share.

I have heard some in 12-Step programs use the “Higher Power” concept if they were burnt out on “organized religion” (usually Christianity and often Catholicism). Sometimes they even just call God “HP.” Personally, that seems weird to me, like too casual.

It’s not that I don’t sympathize with the fact that these folks are trying to keep some degree of faith, but I’ve seen some get involved with New Age if they persist in keeping their spirituality too vague. And also their morality seems to lean toward permissive in other areas except whatever addiction they are committed toward overcoming. Some do eventually return to church but some get more New-Age. This is just what I’ve seen in some friends and acquaintances, so I don’t know if it’s universal.

Comments, anyone? :shrug:

And for me, HP is Harry Potter. I don’t want to start that debate again, but suffice to say, Harry Potter isn’t God.:wink:

I never officially left Catholicism, but I floundered a bit in High school and Freshman year of College, and I was attracted to the Eastern Religions and other “New Age-y” stuff. I’ve never been anything but staunchly pro-life, which was the deal breaker for me officially joining one of the other religions, and what sent me running back to the CC. Praying the Rosary also helped immensely.

I am on a journey to the Catholic Church at this time. I am a former Protestant, but there have been times when I have practiced or studied goddess religion and wicca. Being Protestant, I never had the Virgin Mary as a spiritual mother who reveals God’s feminine aspect and motherly love. Because of her, I have been able to reconcile my need for the Sacred Feminine within Christianity. Please see my blog, Maternal Indigo, to follow my journey from the beginning! Blessings on your journey to the fullness of the faith!!

Yes, I have seen this too–a permissiveness, especially in terms of sexual behavior. I write a blog called Paths to Grace in response to my experience in Al-Anon and with recovering alcoholics who are in AA.

Thanks for the blog links, Parvana! :blessyou: Have a great day! :thumbsup:

I’m glad to see this topic…
I have been in various places in occult/paganism, since I was pretty young. I ran across a book on meditation when I was in elementary school, then a book on palmistry (which I picked up quite easily and became pretty good at) Then a book on the golden dawn, etc… By the time I was in middle school I understood more about western occultism and paganism than many adults. I felt very liberal, and had faith in the ‘goddess’ but yet it never got deeply into my heart…it was like I had to fake it, does that make sense? But I always had a secret love for Jesus. He was always my default. I look back and marvel at His unending love for me. I was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, attended lots of meditations and pagan circles, etc. I’ve been down the road a fair bit.
So as far as ‘reverting’ to conservative views-for myself it is like I had to fake the liberalism, I feel so much better realizing I have always been conservative, haha! Trust me, that came as a surprise to me when I realized it-I was pretty wild.
I grew up in the pentecostal church, but was treated pretty badly so I left the church. In high school I became interested in the Catholic Church but didn’t know anyone who was Catholic, (I was out in the country). I look back, now, and see that in many ways God and Mary were there for me-I always felt them, there-urging me to the Church…but being an abused child (I felt powerless at home and really tried to find any sort of power I could-and occultism gave me power, you know?) and stubborn, I went my own way for years.
Fast forward to now-after some broken years, searching for ‘the truth’ and looking at my beautiful kids and saying to myself that I couldn’t lead them into paganism, instead finding myself teaching them from the Bible, telling them that Jesus loved them-and realizing my love and sporadic study of the Saints, Mary, Jesus was the answer for me-I finally woke up and began RCIA. I couldn’t go to the Protestant church-it was like they don’t feel ‘real or valid’ for me. Make sense?
I have never felt happier, never felt better.
The main stumbling block for me was that I am a natural ‘reader’. I always felt that if I gave myself to God I would be giving up my ‘abilities’ and turning my back on my gifts and how could that be right? But now I see differently. I feel that if I do have some discernment from God that it isn’t to be used for control and power-I rely on God in faith. I don’t need to ‘see’ for myself into the future. I feel no desire to do that anymore. I know things when God wants me to. :slight_smile:
anyway, hope this helps. If you have any more questions or need more details, let me know. I’d be happy to share.

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Thank you for sharing, Anne! :slight_smile: It’s amazing some of our journeys and how in the end they lead to the Church Jesus founded! :thumbsup: :gopray:

I’ve always been amused at how the Church is attacked for being run by old white (celibate!) guys on the one hand, and having far too much reverence for a woman on the other. Not to mention having women Doctors of the Church (with Hildegard of Bingen becoming the 4th some time this year).

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