Conversion process for Teenagers


Hello! As a Protestant who would REALLY like to learn more about the church firsthand, and possibly even convert, I’d like to know the conversion process for teenagers below the age of 18, or if you can convert at such an age. Many thanks, Kaden


Yes, you can become a Catholic at any age.

The general process that’s used is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). RCIA consists of liturgical rites, instruction, becoming part of a parish community, and prayer. Some parishes – especially large parishes where they have a separate group for teens who are becoming Catholic – sometimes refer to this as “RCIT” (substituting “teens” for “adults” in the name).

Depending on the parish, you may be able to start RCIA at any point of the year, or they may have everyone start at the same time, usually in the fall. Ultimately the preparation will ready you for completing your sacraments of initiation (confirmation and the Holy Eucharist), usually at the Easter Vigil (the Mass the night before Easter Sunday).

A big question is how your parents feel about the idea of you becoming Catholic. If they’re supportive, you can call your local parish now and talk with a priest about all the details. If they’re opposed, that changes things because people here won’t advise you to defy your parents but to perhaps wait until you’re out on your own.

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If you are under 18, the first thing is to get permission from your parents.

After that, speak with your priest.


that’s the largest problem I have. Not because they may not be supportive, but because when I bring up the topic, they ask why. Why would I want to drive another 20 minutes every Sunday (or maybe everyday, eventually) to a church when there’s one only 3 minutes down the road. It’s not that they don’t like Catholics, it’s that they don’t even know that Christianity is split into branches :confused: . They see no differences between churches, as if they were all the same. and it’s not like either of us have time for me sit down and explain 2000 years of church history. The best I can come up with is saying, “it’s the original church”


Sometimes parents are outright hostile to Catholicism, so at least you don’t have that problem. Perhaps if they see that you are really dedicated to the idea they will want to learn more about why.


I imagine it’s the practical issues that mean it’s just easier to wait until you are an adult. You can still keep praying and educating yourself though.


You might draw a parallel to driving an extra bit to eat at a restaurant instead of McDonald’s that is right up the road or driving an extra 20 minutes to attend a school that offers a more vigorous curriculum than the one up the road. Promise that you will pay for your own gas to make the longer trip.


OP, Are your parents Christians (doesn’t sound like it, but maybe they are)? If so, I’d be careful trying to make the comparisons in bold. It makes it sound like you’re putting down their church (if it’s the one up the street) by comparing it to McDonald’s or a below average school which may not come off as charitable and may cause strife/hurt feelings.

If not, disregard and drive on.


Oh I’ll have to pay for my gas, the church actually isn’t too far from where I’ll work, it’s just that the Protestant church we go to is right down the road


Ya… since your parents are Christian church goers…I wouldn’t use analogies that make their church to sound lesser…


Yeah it is called relativism. You may have to educate them in the truth and be an example to them.


Ya…like I said this is a bad idea.

As a non-Cathilic giving you advice…OP…don’t start on about how inferior or lesser or how your think their church lacks. It will cause strife in your house with your parents.

If that’s something you want to do, I’d wait until I was out of the house. Maybe that’s just me.


Agree, I’d take the earlier posts to infer parents who were not involved in any faith and did not see any difference between churches. As your parents are church-goers, simply wait until you are an adult and supporting yourself.


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