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In Malaysia their Supreme Court today decided that a muslim woman could not convert to Christianity. No compulsion in religion?

Meanwhile in Ethiopia a Christian evangelist was attacked by a muslim mob and beaten to death. Religion of peace?


Indeed. These may some of the countries where, according to our Mormon friends like Alma147, Mormons refrain from sending their missionaries out of “respect” for Islam and Islamic laws. If you ask me, these places are precisely where the Mormons should send all 32k of their missionaries.



There are many countries in our world that forbid even the temporary visits of religious missionaries. In such cases, some faiths may sometimes be allowed send representatives that are permitted to be there, but they are often forbidden to proseletyze (hope I spelled that correctly, but if not, please excuse!)

Israel is one of those countries. I don’t say this to criticize Israel, merely to take the onus off of predominately Moslem countries, which are frequently brought up in this sort of story.

Some Islamic adherents construe apostasy as grounds for death, and they will forbid or otherwise impede conversion to other faiths. In such cases, it is better to find a way to remove the prospective convert from their immediate surroundings, and perhaps save their life. To save a life this way says little about the life the person left behind and everything about the faith of those who rescued the convert.

Having said that, reviling another religion or country for whatever reason serves no useful purpose. No one will be affected in a positive way by that. Your efforts would be better spent in prayer and by living your life in as close to a Christian way as you are able to achieve. I say this not because I am some very holy person, but only because I have witnessed in my life the value of prayer.


The JW’s too…


We have taken the “nice” approach and it just gives permission to muslims to continue to persecute Christians. When you see such injustice you should shout it outloud. Make the muslims be nervous about such atrocities. The more light we shine on their violence and hypocrisy the better. I have been to Israel and didn’t notice Jews killing those who left Judaism. Islam is incredibly violent and we all need to face up to that fact. Reviling islam is not necessarily wrong when they are doing this kind of thing to Christians.


hola padre,

respectfully, couldnt some of the problem be that we are looking exclusively at developing nations that are rife with ignorance? i live in the united states and i know there are muslims here… but i do not think i have ever heard of any mass demonstrations of anger over the large number of christian (indeed, Catholic) converts…

Dominus Vobiscum


I am 100 percent Catholic and agree we need to do a better job at evangelizing. But, missionaries who operate like the Mormons do, should not go to countries where they are not wanted. A different approach is needed. Besides, wouldn`t we rather have Muslims converting to Christianity versus Mormonism!

We need to pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters, and for missionaries who are working to spread Christianity, but who must do it in more of an underground way.

We also need to pray for our Mormom/LDS brothers and sisters.




I agree, no one should tolerate persecution or injustice. But as a practical matter, in those places where this sort of barbarity (I assume the subject is still “conversion refused”) is still practiced, it is often a more practical solution to remove the person who wishes to leave Islam to a safer environment. This was done within the last year, where a man in Afghanistan left to go to Italy so that he could safely become a Christian.

There are bad players in every walk of life, in every country, in every society. Some use religion as a shield for their evil acts. When that happens, it says more about the person doing the evil acts than anything or anyone else.

I truly don’t think WE standing up to Muslims will accomplish all that needs to be done. We can and should do that, of course. But Muslims themselves also need to stand up to the people within their faith who are perverting it. The real solution to the violence has to come from within Islam, not from outside. It is too bad for Muslims that they have no central authority to assist in such reform, but they don’t. Nevertheless, the most lasting solution for the reduction of violence presently associated with Islam will involve reform from within.



How many Catholic churches are there in Saudi Arabia?



You don’t by any chance have a link to this do you? And it is not that I don’t believe you :smiley:

God bless


Muslims do not riot against persecution of Christians or islamic terrorist acts. This IS the problem. They are NOT doing it. What does that tell us? That they really don’t think it is completely wrong. Killing converts is barbaric and we should label it as such. If they don’t like it they can stop killing converts. I remember talking to an Egyptian guy who told me that if his brother became Christian he would kill him. He identified himself as a “moderate.” The problem is not my making muslims feel bad by pointing out that they persecute Christians, the problem is that they do persecute Christians.

As for a link. You can google it or try


That’s missing the point of the OP which is not about visiting another nation, but that nation refusing to recognise the conversion of one of its own citizens.


Islamic law considers conversion from Islam to be capital offense. Soooo, when a country adopts Islamic law, then the civil law forbids conversion under penalty of death.

Perfectly logical.


Actually, I would pray more for the catholics who have left the faith, since their number is in the millions and millions. Better pray for your own…they need it more.


And why is that? Now be careful in your answer…since your answer will reflect your own christianity or your interpretation of it.


whyme, this Easter millions will join us. The lds have a high dropout rate. Muslims do convert to Christianity, and more often they you think, but they must be quiet about it. The point here is that it is a universal human right to choose ones religion or change it. Muslims refuse this and kill missionaries because they are afraid that if their people really learn about Christianity they will convert.


Because, if they were really preaching the word of God, they wouldn’t fear the lion’s jaws. That is, if fear of physical harm is the problem, which I don’t think it is.

I certainly understand he unwillingness of people to send their children to places where they would be in danger. But this is precisely why the Mormons use such young people as missionaries, IMO. There is a sales gimmick to it. It is much the same gimmick that the little magazine salesgirls and boys use to get people to buy magazines they don’t want and will never read.

If the Mormons really believe in converting all the heathen, why do they avoid the Muslims? Simply because of mere physical danger? They could send their adult missionaries there.

But I think it has more to do with a mutual respect that exists between Muslims and Mormons that doesn’t exist between Mormons and Christians, and there are reasons for this mutual respect.


Indeed. There’s the *no compulsion in religion *phrase abrogated right there. (Apologists like to use this phrase to present Islam as a respectable faith)


Will someone tell me please what attitude the Papal States had to attempts by protestants and non-Christians to gather converts?


hola hokomai,

excommunication… the Church has never executed anyone for apostasy

que Dios te bendiga

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