Conversion Story


I’m told we all love conversion stories.

This one is called “My Grandfather’s House.” It’s by Robert Clark and a notable book of the year 1998 by the New York Times.

Reviews and reading selections are here:

It’s an odd mixture of family genealogy and weaving strands of religious history in and out. Quite enjoyable and pretty much discounted now whereever you find it, should you not go to your local library and wish to purchase a copy.

An interesting take on Protestantism but very true I thought:

Thomas Cranmer And Henry VIII’s Reformation
"Among the orders for the removal of shrines, the proscription of devotions, and the lighting of candles for the dead and the saints, was one that mandated every parish acquire a copy of the Bible in English, and moreover record baptisms, weddings and funerals carried out in its churches…

In all this there is a replacement of substitution being worked: of words for things, or of the names of things for the signs themselves. The Bible replaces the statues and images of the shrines and the rites and symbols of the liturgy; the parish record book stands in the place of the saints and the dead. Under Protestantism, preaching would be the principal sacrament: words would fill the disenchanted, disembodied, now merely symbolic shell of the Eucharist….

This is the great divorce…of things and signs of things from words and names, the triumph of nominalism, our culture’s concession that it knows nothing of God, and that God, for all we know, knows (or at least cares) nothing of us. Since God is no longer assuredly in things and intimately so, we are estranged not only from Him but from his creation, from things themselves; and even his “gifts and creatures of bread and wine” are nothing more than what we call them , nothing more than names."



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