Convert Becoming a Catholic Priest?

I am currently considered a protestant, but I want to become a Catholic. On top of that I am interested in becoming a priest. I know that might sound unusual but please let me explain. For quite awhile, I had the strongest urge to convert to Catholicism. Also, I had the urge to serve God. I find Catholicism strongly appealing to me more than anything ever has in my life. I was curious if it was acceptable for a convert to Catholicism to than become a priest. Please let me know. Thank you.

Of course it is possible for a convert to Catholicism to become a priest! The only thing is, just so you know, your vocations director will likely not allow you to go to seminary or anything at least until a couple years after your entrance into the Church. You need some time to live out the Catholic faith and be immersed in the Sacraments.

Congrats on taking steps to come into the Catholic Church, and good luck! You’ll be in my prayers.

Of course!!! :thumbsup:

As you enroll in the RCIA program, you will have plenty of chances to talk to the Parrish priest about your vocation, and he will be able to guide you through the discernment process and the steps required.

Even though you are probably not required to do so, I sincerely exhort you to start reading the entirety of the Catechism (which you can also find online here) because this will give you a greater and more pristine insight on the teachings of the Catholic Church, particularly with regards to the Sacraments. At least I think that’s a good beginning!

I also pray that you may attend Holy Mass every so often, that the Lord may shower you with His blessings and strengthen your vocation, if it is God’s will.

Converts can become priests, but like others have mentioned, you’ll have to live your Catholic faith for a few years. Also, keep in mind, the priesthood isn’t like a career choice. It’s a vocation. You might want to become a priest, but you might not actually be called to be a priest.

God is calling you to the Catholic faith. I’m happy for you. As others have stated, it will take a period of time after your conversion before you can discern whether God is also calling you to be a priest. Whether this comes about or not, I wish you all the best. You can lead a faith filled life in religious life or as a member of the laity. You are in my prayers. Good luck and God bless.

I know a priest who was a teenage convert from Southern Baptist.

He is one of the more diligent ones about wearing the collar, too.

It certainly is allowed and is quite common.

One of our RCIA alumni is a priest, and several are deacons.

It’s more than acceptable! :slight_smile:

Listen to this story of Fr Gray Bean who was a former baptist pastor.

Of course you can convert and become a priest, the sooner the better! Welcome Home!

yes, you can convert to Catholicism and become a priest. when i was an episcopalian and many of us were disenchanted with what was happening to the episcopal church, one of the first to depart was one of my favorite priests. he was married with 5 children.
he and his family all converted and he became a Catholic priest. for him, i think the process took a couple of years. he is now a proud father of 6. if you are single when you enter the priesthood after converting, you must remain single. however, if you are married and convert, that is okay also. the person i know, had already studied many years to be a priest, so he had to go through only a short process before becoming a Catholic priest.

In addition to the other comments if I may suggest you take a look at the

“Coming Home” website (Marcus Grodi) ]
Their ministry is to help those journeying into the Catholic Church… particularly those in Protestant ministries, who have converted. I believe you might find some useful support and information there.

                              Blessings, Sr. Debbie

The only converts who are married that are allowed to become priests are those who were ministers in their protestant denomination.

The person who is not a minister and converts will not be considered for the priesthood if they are married.

Yep, converts can definitely become priests (we have several at our seminary).

The timing of pursuing such a call is decided between the person interested and their bishop. Some are asked to wait for some time (a year or two), and there are some cases of bishops sending newly baptized seminarians.

I know someone who converted in college and they accepted him into the seminary a year after he graduated from college. He’s a really special person and is entering his third or fourth year (I can’t remember) in the seminary. Anyone talking to him would never know he was a convert unless he told them.

Yes, in fact I know of several bishops who are converts!

Just thought of something. Do you think there will ever be a Pope who was a convert?

St. Peter. :wink:

hehe. besides him.

I am a convert and a seminary candidate! go for it, man!

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