Convert books to help struggling families opposed to Catholics


Help. Need books to help my mom in law relax about our conversion to Catholicism. Prefer comments from converts. The real meaty books are too much for her.


“Rome Sweet Home” by Dr. Scott Hahn.

Dr. Hahn, an ex-Presbyterian minister, graduated top of his class from a Calvinist Seminary, was a militant anti-Catholic and is now one of the top Catholic authors and apologists in America.

His book is co-authored by his wife, who also attended the Calvinist Seminary and has also joined the Catholic Church.

Very good and easy read.


What background are they from?

For generic evangelicals, non-denoms, etc. I'd suggest the "Common Ground" DVD from

The new "Why Be Catholic" DVD from Catholic Answers would be another good choice.


The "Suprised By Truth" series is short conversion stories.

For Baptists, Steve Ray's book "Crossing The Tiber".


I agree anything by Scott Hahn is a good start. If your family is open to considering the biblical basis of Catholicism, try Mark Shea’s “By what Authority”. He does a good job of showing Protestants also have Traditions even though they would like to believe they rely solely on the Bible (He is a former evangelical who converted). For other ideas, check out the Catholic Bookworms group where several folks are posting reviews on what they have read.

Good luck – you are in my prayers. I am still afraid to tell my Protestant uncle I am converting.


Surprised by Truth books by Patrick Madrid.


The one that helped me back into the faith was “Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic” by David Currie. It is a good introduction to the Biblical nature of the Catholic faith. It eased my concerns and answered my questions during a Protestant phase I went through.


I agree with all the books mentioned above, along with Thomas Howard’s “On Being Catholic.” Thomas Howard is Elisabeth Eliot’s brother, and she’s kind of a big deal among certain evangelical/Calvinists.

That being said, my mother-in-law refused to read ANY of them and refused to even discuss our conversion at all. We have slowly, slowly, slowly started to win her over, but not by saying anything or by giving her books. At first, she was really angry. She boycotted our youngest child’s baptism (she was born 9 months after we were received into the Church, prompting a “Just how Catholic are you going to be?” comment), and then she boycotted our oldest’s First Holy Communion 3 years later. Now our middle child is making her First Holy Communion in a month, and I have no idea if my mil is going to come or not, but I do know that she has become much more comfortable with our Catholicism and now recognizes that we still love Jesus and we don’t worship Mary, etc., etc. etc.


My husband and I are converts from evangelical Protestantism.

The best thing you can do is let time pass.

I'm sure you understand that to your family, you have fallen into a pagan cult. Many Protestants believe that Catholicism is an off-shoot of the Babylonian mystery religions that worship a "mother goddess" (Mary). Many Protestants believe that Constantine started the Catholic Church to gain political power, and that the "true" Christian Church was driven into hiding until Martin Luther was brave enough to face down the evil pope and start the Reformation and restore the original New Testament Church.

Your family is afraid for you. They're clinging to the hope that since you accepted Jesus into your heart to be your personal Savior, that you will still go to heaven. But they're still afraid, especially for any children.

The BEST thing you can do is show them through your life and LOVE of Jesus Christ that they have nothing to fear. You need to show them that Catholicism IS true Christianity. Words are not the best way to show them this.

In our family, my parents-in-law were scandalized by our decision to become Catholic. They attended the Easter vigil, but my FIL apparently prayed constantly that Jesus would put a stop to it. (My daughter reported this to us afterward.)

A few years later, their world was rocked again when our daughter converted.

I think that's what got them started looking into Catholicism. My FIL does a lot of driving on business trips, and he started listening to Father Corapi. He discovered that Father Corapi preaches true Christianity and the Bible.

So last fall, my FIL started attending the weekly Bible study that our parish offers. Also, he is attending our class on Church History (Jeff Cavin's DVDs).

My parents-in-law were Assemblies of God for many years until that church hurt them deeply by some of its policies that showed favoritism to big givers. So they switched to the United Methodist Church in their small town. This particular denomination is becoming more and more liberal, to the point where my parents-in-law are finding the teachings unbearable to listen to week after week.

I believe that one reason why my parents-in-law are actually attending Catholic Bible studies is because they are hungry to hear REAL Biblical Christian teaching again, like many of the Protestant churches used to teach but have now abandoned.

I personally think that this will draw in other Protestants who become disgusted with the liberal politics and theology that is offered at their churches in the name of attracting more attendees.

At any rate, what you have to do is trust that your parents are truly seeking the way, the truth, and the life, and that if they are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, eventually He will lead them home. Let the Holy Spirit work. Don't try to run ahead of him.


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Help. Need books to help my mom in law relax about our conversion to Catholicism. Prefer comments from converts. The real meaty books are too much for her.


The one that 1st helped me was Karl Keating's Catholicism and Fundamentalism. Also good is a compilation of conversion stories *Journeys Home *edited by my friend Marcus Grodi (if you send me your address i'll send you a copy).

For His Children,

Chris LaRose, MEV

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