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I was wondering if anyone knew of converts who went on to become saints…are there many?


St. John Ogilvie, wasn’t he a Calvinist first, than converted and became a priest?
St Henry Morse, converted from Protestant…St Elizabeth Ann Seton is a convert…I’m sure there’s more…:slight_smile:


St. Augustine was a convert. Now he’s a Doctor of the Church!

The Apostle Paul was a convert.

There are a ton of saints who were converts!


Hey Joyful…as a matter of fact I was reading about St Augustine this morning…thanks! And St Paul…good point. :thumbsup:


St. Edith Stein! She was a convert from Judaism. Became a Carmelite Nun… and died a Martyr. Here is link on her life. God bless.


St. Mary Magdalene was a convert is a patroness for converts.


Does anyone know a male Saint who converted from a Baptist or other evangelical protestant background?


He’s not officially a saint yet, but Cardinal Newman was a convert from the Church of England who was beatified last year.

More at this link:

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