Convert the music!

So often times we find that lyrics in that terribly catchy song you’ve been hearing on the radio are… well disgustingly evil, or downright stupid.

So try converting the music, or change the context, either the words or the focus of the song in your mind.

I find alot of the time if you just imagine God, everytime the person says “You” (which is very often in most songs regarding romance.) It makes the music alot more spiritual and meaningful to me.

I’ve done this with a disturbed song before and suddenly it became othodox lol.

An example: Sum 41 Hell song. * indicates changed word

Everybodies got their problems
Everybody says the same thing to you
Its just a matter how you solve them (prayer, perseverence)
and knowing how to change the things you’ve been though
I feel I’ve come to realize
how fast life can be compromised
Step back to see whats going on (make a holy hour)
I can’t believe this happened to You. (Death on the cross.)
Is this a problem that im faced with am I,
not the only one who hates to stand by?
Complications are the first in this line.
with all these pictures running through my mind (the gospels)
knowing endless consequences (Hell)
I feel so useless in this (sinners were we concieved)
Get back (satan) stand back (pray) and as for me I can* believe.

Refrain x2
Part of me, won’t agree cause I don’t know if its for sure.
Suddenly, suddenly I don’t feel so insecure, anymore!

It’s not the whole song but you should get the picture.

youtube the song with this version in mind, all I did was change one word and gave you faith-filled things to think about instead of negative things. Its easy, convert the music! Post your faith-filled versions of popular songs, don’t be afraid of the genre, God is bigger than instruments or words! :smiley:

LOL, I do this all the time (much to the annoyance of my wife :D).

Of course, my substitutions are usually mundane rather than spiritual (turning Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” into a song about pizza, for example), but that’s a good thought!

EDIT: Actually, I recall doing this as a youngster way back in 1992 with Warrant’s song “April 2031”. It’s sort of a post-apocalyptic, this-could-be-our-terrible-future-if-we-don’t-shape-up kind of song. As a sign of the utter depsair of this potential future, one of the lines is “No more need for praying”, which I never felt comfortable singing. So I changed it to “You better start your praying.” It changed the line from one of despair and fatalism to one of hope through adversity. :slight_smile:

I find alot of the time if you just imagine God, everytime the person says “You” (which is very often in most songs regarding romance.) It makes the music alot more spiritual and meaningful to me.

I do this all the time, if the song is good :slight_smile:

sometimes it really fits… for example, check out Josh Groban’s “You are loved” :thumbsup:

Interesting thread subject. Have you ever heard of Everybody Was In The French Resistance…Now? It’s side project from the guy from Art Brut (indie-rock band from England), basically a ‘concept album’ answering popular songs, for example, 'G.I.R.L.F.R.E.N" is an answer to Avril Lavigne, and “My Way Is Not The Best Way” as an answer to Frank Sinatra, and “Billie’s Jeans,” answering Michael Jackson… one of my favorite albums of 2010, and I don’t have too many favorite “albums” anymore…

Anyway, to, um, answer your question…

Vocation” by The Go-Go’s
R.C.I.A.” by the Village People
“I Would Pray For You” by Prince
Vatican City” by Bruce Springsteen
“Sheena is a New Convert” by The Ramones
Catholic State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
“Here’s How The Penance Goes” by The Sundays
“Let’s Spend The Mass Together” by The Rolling Stones

I like “Open Arms” by Journey. Listen to it, and imagine that the stanzas are being sung by a guy who turned away from God and the Faith, and who is only just coming back, just realizing how much he needs God. And then imagine that Christ on the Cross is singing the chorus. One of the most religious secular songs that I’ve ever heard! :slight_smile:

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