Convert to Catholicism or stay Lutheran?

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I’ve been researching the RCC for a long while now and still haven’t decided if I want to join or not. That fact is, I still disagree on some stuff.

I was raised (and confirmed) in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. I still believe in a lot of Lutheran beliefs but I also disagree with a lot of stuff “modern lutherans” are prmoting and such.

Martin Luther, even on his death bed, considered himself a catholic. He prayed the rosary. He believed in the Immaculate Conception. His goal was never to branch off and start a whole new religion - it was to somewhat refine some of the views on the church he thought went against Scripture. All the early Lutherans were the same. They held out hope that one day they would be welcomed back in the RCC with open arms.

Nowadays, most Lutherans do not consider themselves catholic, or even acknowledge the truths of the catholic church. They consider themselves “protestant” (I laugh at the fact that everyone credits Martin Luther as the father of protestantism as he loved the catholic church and professed it to be the one true church!). The Lutheran churches today try to distance themselves as far away from the RCC as possible.

I guess I’m confused and lost. There are many things the Catholics do right that Lutherans would acknowledge and many things Lutherans do right that Catholics won’t acknowledge.

I suppose I need some guidance.

The heretic believed the Pope was the Anti-Christ.
His notion of the Church was that she was merely a spritual union of believers and not a historic institution. He did not belief that Christ founded His Church on Peter.

To be Catholic, you must accept these things. He could have called himself a Jew or a Muslim if he wished…but it would not have made him one.

His errors concerning Sola Scripture, Sola Fide, the non-sacrificial nature of the Mass, that there is no distinction between priest and laity etc etc, have nothing in common with the Catholic Faith.

are you currently attending a Catholic Church regularly? If so then I would encourage you to sign up for RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (most parishes have programs that will be starting soon). There is no commitment to join…some people choose to wait a few years in RCIA before joining. But in RCIA, you can learn about and ask as many questions as you want on the Church. Good Luck in you decision! :slight_smile:

Make sure if you do attend RCIA, that it is a good Catholic one. The one I went to made Luther himself look like a traditional Catholic.

You might want to try attending a Catholic Church for a few weeks, if you haven’t already.

Make a list of the things within Catholicism that are difficult for you. Try to learn more about them.

Also, make a list of the things that are important to you with Lutheranism.

Also – needless to say – pray for guidance.


Along with attending an RCIA class, I would also recommend your getting a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It will also have answers to your questions in it. I also recommend that you go to the following link and read:

PAX DOMINI :signofcross:

Shalom Aleichem


Don’t resist the graces of the Holy Spirit. Life is too short. Pray, study, be faithful in your daily duties. Come home to the Catholic faith and be done with it and proceed with life within the structure God Himself intended with full access to the Graces God established in His Church and sacraments.

Someone like you will make leaps and bounds in virtue when fed by the true Body and Blood of Christ. I’ve seen it before - my wife for one.

Read here:

Join the Church Christ established and you’ll be at peace.


Careful of RCIA. Better, find a Priest who celebrates the traditional Latin Mass and seek him out for advice and instruction.

RCIA is a roll of the dice.

God Bless you!

Very true. I should know better! Forget RCIA for now. Apologies.

PAX DOMINI :signofcross:

Shalom Aleichem

Well after what the ELCA did this last week, my wife who was brought in the Lutheran church is considering becoming Catholic now.


Did you join the Catholic Church? I ran across your thread while trying to do some research for a couple I know. Lutheran couple, one wants to be Catholic, the other… not so much.

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