Hello, can someone give me some good reasons to leave Islam and become a Catholic?. Is Jesus the last Prophet?. How can I be sure?

Thank you


I’d suggest you study a few things to justify the veracity of the various scriptures. The Qur’an makes many claims that the earlier books, the Torah and the New Testament have been changed and corrupted, which was why the Koran and Muhammed was required.

When I studied that viewpoint, and the history of Muhammed’s life, it became clear to me that Mohammad did not have a good understanding of the earlier books, did not like when- particularly Jewish leaders- confronted him and made fun of him when he got the stories wrong, because he often used them in his preaching.

If you are sincere and honest with yourself, I think you can justify the veracity of the earlier works. They have not been changed, altered, or corrupted from when they were first written. That in itself would prove the Koran in error on many points.

Once you do that, you can read the Gospels in particular and see what God has revealed through Jesus, in fulfilling the old Law- to the the very last jot. It’s an amazing discovery.


Hi dear friend,

I would suggest that you read the GOSPEL OF JOHN CH. 6.

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Ask yourself which is the greater God. One who makes you a slave or one who loves you and makes you a son? The Christian understanding of God far exceeds islam. Jesus was more then a prophet. He is God himself in the flesh who shows us how much God loves us and what destiny he wants for us. Not some virgins and rivers of wine, a hedonists vision. But rather the joy of relating to the Creator of the universe as his child.


Because Jesus rose from the dead. :slight_smile:


Jesus is God.

How can I be sure?

Pray to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.

Thank you

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:


Coming from your background we can agree with this:
God exists
God wants a relationship with man
God has communicated with man in order that they might know him
God wants to continue this dialogue (example: prayer)

If God has cares enough about us where He has reached down to us to reveal what we can understand about Him before, it would be reasonable to assume that he would continue to do so.

(This is not to say everything that we can understand hasn’t already been revealed in the words of Jesus, or the Koran, but at the very least God will take the effort to lead us if we take the effort.)

The fact that we pray, and we are commanded to pray, is proof right there that God wants to communicate with him.

God made everyone different, and if people are seeking a relationship, and he is all knowing, he’ll know the best way to communicate in that relationship.

Some people are called to the truth through sheer intellectual fact, some are called through the beauty of the liturgy, some are called in a way which they have personally, mystically, encountered the divine.

The first thing you do is pray. The second thing you do is pray. The third thing you do is pray. If you want a deeper relationship with someone you spend more time in his company.

Next know that grace builds on nature. Do what comes natural to you.

If you are an intellectual examine the philosophical underpinnings and consequences of a religion. If you are a history buff look at the claims of the religion and its history. If you are a mystical person spend time in solitude and mediation. If you are a musical person express your prayers in chant and song. If you are an artist chronicle your journey in your art.

I don’t know if sometimes it is God coming to you through what He has given you, or you expressing to God your wishes, your hopes, how seriously you take Him.

I can present historical and philosophical reasons to become Catholic, but ultimately Catholicism isn’t about history, it isn’t about philosophy, but rather it is about being in an intimate relationship. It is about being a bride ecstatic with love and excitement, lovestruck. It is about being a child in the arms of our Father. It is about God caring so much He literally became one of us, our brother, so that He made us worthy, so that He may dwell inside us, and us in Him.



First ask God to show you the truth. If you really mean it and you remain open to what God tells you, He will do it.


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Hi Daniel,

I think you have “too” much to learn now. Jesus wasn’t a Prophet. (He didn’t give us prophecies… He fulfilled them.)

Perhaps you should start with a simpler subject. I would encourage you to learn about His mother, Mary; In particular, do some research on Our Lady of Fatima. I think learning about His family may help you to learn more about Him.


I don’t know if this will help…

I can tell you that Muhammed is NOT. God gave a covenant to one people and sent prophet after prophet to them - which even Moslems recognise, culminating in Jesus. The al-Lah changes his mind and sends one to the Arabs who have no covenant with God. What kind of God changes his mind?


How can you know that GOd had no covenant with the Arabs? HOw is there claim any more difficult to believe, logically, than a Christian claim of covenant?

We know there was a covenant with Lot. We also have the Covenant with Abraham, which promises to make him the father of many great nations. Not just Israel. (Gen Chapter 17 “You shall be a father of a multitude of nations”.

There’s another reference to covenants with other nations, but I can’t recall where.


Because when He was here, He said,“This is the cup of my blood, the blood of the **new **and **everlasting **covenant.”


THat doesn’t exclude other covenants.


Well, it does, when you include the fact that He also said He is the fulfillment of the other covenants.


It’s the Covenant that’s in place right now. :wink:


Because the Messiah was not promised through any other people than Israel. Jesus is the Messiah, born of Mary of the house of David, to whom God promised his throne would last forever.


Hello, can someone give me some good reasons to leave Islam and become a Catholic?. Is Jesus the last Prophet?. How can I be sure?

ASK HIM! :thumbsup:


Do you accept God had a convenant with one people of whom you are part of - to send a Messiah?
according to Islam- all the known prophets went to the one people… except Muhammed.

And Moslems believe in a number of un-named prophets to other nations (including - according to some Alexander the Great). However the prophets WE DO KNOW went to the one people.


They’re irrelevant.

Imagine I say

I make a deal with your people to send you a great man
to another group
I make a deal with your people to send you good crops.

Then he sends messenger after messenger to your people, but then the ‘great man’ pops up with another people.

The fact that there was another covenant with another people is irrelevant. The fact that the ‘great man’ came from a people not of that particular covenant is relevant. It makes for an inconsistant practice.

And so we have with the people even the Moslems recognise. Man after man after man goes to one group of people. And then hey presto, the ‘final prophet’ is to a totally different people.

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