Converted at Easter Vigil and feel Called to become a munk

it may seem like some sort of a joke to some of you but even though I converted only two weeks ago I feel called to religious life.
I’ve felt this way for a long time and Im thinking seriously about entering a monastery as a novice as soon as I may and that’s sort of leading to my question:
Im aware that most orders have a firm rule that converts must wait for at least two years after their confirmation before they may enter and I was thinking about wether or not I should approach them now or wait a year or two?

I mean, maybe they like to know about my desire to join a long time in advance?

Thanks in advance for any answers I may recieve.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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It wouldn’t hurt to contact a monastery about becoming a monk but you’re right that you wouldn’t be allowed to enter just yet.

I work with RCIA and had a woman enter the Church with a great desire to become a nun. While she was still in RCIA she attended daily Mass, began praying the Liturgy of the Hours, went to Adoration, read a great deal, etc. She contacted the monastery early on and was told she would have to wait and she did. But she entered as soon as they allowed her to.

Exploring, even at this early stage, is a good thing. Praying is also a good thing.

If you do have to wait. Begin to grow more in the spirituality of monasticism.

In the United States you would be asked to wait at least three years before entering a monastery or seminary. Use the time to study about the faith, monasticism and the many different religious orders in the Catholic Church.

Congratulations on your conversion. God bless you. Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction on your discernment.

Go ahead and contact them now; even though you may have to wait, they will be able to help you discern your vocation.

Welcome home to Rome.

Work on the interior monastery first. One must practice interior silence before the Word Himself can be heard.

If you are feeling drawn to one particular monastery, then do contact them.


Thanks for replies,
Im greatful to each one of you for taking your time to answer me:)
Im living in Norway and the spirituality that fits me the best (at least I think it does) is the Benedictine order, but they’re located in UK so travel to visit them would be both expensive and inconvenient at this point.
Do you think that I should simply write contact them by mail?

Yours in Jesus and Mary

  • MarianCatholic

That would be perfectly acceptable.

An excellent first step.

You might also want to do some reading about Benedictine spirituality and the Rule of St. Benedict. The Rule itself is available at There is a monk in Massachusetts who sends out the daily reading from the Rule along with a commentary. You may find it interesting. See

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