Converted Doctors who preformed abortions in the past...

I remember hearing (when/where I don’t recall) that there have been some Doctors who are now active in the Pro-Life Movement who once performed abortions for a living.

Does anyone know the names of any of these doctors? I want to contact them to get some information.

Anyone who knows, please help.


The most prominant, and only, one whose name I’m aware of is Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson. He was one of the founders of NARAL, and converted to Catholicism. I believe he is still around, and you might consider doing a Google search for contact information.

Also, a Google search for what you are looking for might turn up some names for you.

You may also check a pro-life chapter near you, they may have some information regarding what you are looking for. I remember viewing videos in the late 1980’s of interviews with doctors who performed abortions and later became pro-life activists.

Good luck!! Our prayers are with you!!

God bless all!!!

Dr. Bernard Nathanson repents and comes clean:


and this video is very good:

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