Converting a Mormon to Catholicism

My daughter is dating a Mormon. My daughter will not leave her Catholic faith for him and has made that crystal clear to him. He’s indicated that he may be willing to leave Mormonism if presented with good arguments to do so. I’m sure we’ll have to take this slowly. Any ideas from former Mormons on the best approach to take?

First, would be that in addition to evidence found in their language, oral history & cultural practices, there is now scientific DNA evidence has been uncovered proving the claims of a tribe in southern Africa as being one of the two lost tribes of Israel - Mormons claim both of those lost tribes came to the Americas. This DNA evidence proves that everyone in the tribe of Jewish blood-line and even finds that the priests of that tribe even have the even more unique rarity in their blood which matches priests in the other known 10 Jewish tribes which further proves the point that they are in fact who they claim to be.

Second, lack of any archeologist evidence that any of the big battles described in the Book of Mormon as happening in the Americas actually took place. - I know I can’t spell today :wink:

All conversions are accomplished by the Holy Spirit. Fervent prayer is needed. Before the Blessed Sacrament if at all possible. A suggestion:

**Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

V. Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.
R. And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray. O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Spirit, grant us in the same Spirit to discern what is right, and ever to rejoice in His consolation. Through Christ our Lord.


Would your daughter be willing to ask her friend to come to Mass with her? This is a good way to introduce him to the Catholic faith. She could explain things to him along the way.
She could also ask him if he would like to attend RCIA as an inquiree.

You might try this site: Or perhaps he might be influenced by this bit of artistic silliness - Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon:

I second po18guy’s advice. It is the Holy Spirit who converts. My son married a Mormon girl. Seeing as he was not even attending Mass at the time I figured all was lost. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would enlighten her heart and lead her to the Catholic Church and basically handed the whole mess over to God. Last Lent his wife called to inform me that she had been attending RCIA classes and would be baptized and enter the Catholic Church at Easter Vigil. That was a joyous occasion. What is particularly wonderful is that she has now brought my son back to the Church, something I could not do. God works in strange and wonderful ways. Trust in Him completely. I will now pray for your daughter.

God bless.

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Steve, this is wonderful! What a wonderful testimony for the original poster here as well. Thanks be to God! And tell them, welcome HOME!

Oh! I thought that was after he had disembarked from a rough ocean voyage…

Amen! :thumbsup:

DEFINITELY get him to RCIA and please make sure the RCIA director is competent and willing to teach the doctrines AND spirituality of the Catholic Church.

I was married to my Catholic husband for 3 years before we agreed to “swap” in the sense that he took the LDS missionary discussions and I went through RCIA. By the end, I was happily participating in the initiation rites and I think my husband had to pick his jaw up off the floor when I told him I was converting. I had fought with him about Catholic doctrine so many times I’m sure he thought I was a lost cause :slight_smile:

There were also many prayers and rosaries said on my behalf, and I would definitely be amiss if I didn’t say they helped. I think they softened my heart so I had the ability to see the Truth.

Definitely agree with po18guy. The Holy Spirit needs to do the difficult work. So pray!

Your daughter is very lucky that he indicated a willingness to leave Mormonism. If he was born and raised in the LDS church, this is huge. Without knowing your daughter’s boyfriend, it’s hard to know what will help him open his mind and heart to allow the Holy Spirit to work. Mormons can be tough nuts to crack. I know because I was one of them. Did he go on a mission? Has he been endowed in the LDS temple?

The basic premise behind the Mormon faith is that at some point there was a total apostasy of Christ’s church such that the priesthood authority was removed from the earth and that priesthood authority was restored by Joseph Smith. It may be helpful to show how the Early Church Fathers were Catholic. The LDS church has never stated exactly when the early church “went wrong” and apostasized, but they believe it definitely happened by the Council of Nicea. The earlier the better. Clement of Rome, Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp, Irenaeus. Connect them to the apostles and show that they taught what the apostles taught. Also, show him that Jesus told his disciples that he would never leave his church as orphans!

Going to Mass is a good suggestion. I loved the Mass the first time I went as I felt it was true worship of God. Explaining the Mass and tieing it back to the Jewish temple will get him thinking, especially if he has been to the LDS temple.

He can even try out RCIA in an inquirer group. There’s no commitment and he would be able to ask questions and learn more.

It can be very difficult to leave the LDS church, especially if his family are faithful LDS. I have had problems with my family because I left and I am now becoming Catholic. There is a lot of pressure in the LDS church to marry in the temple. Good for your daughter for being strong in her faith.

Mormonthink is a great website. I also found the tracts on Mormonism on this site to accurately portray LDS teachings. It is probably not best to directly go after Joseph Smith and Mormonism as he may become defensive and not be open to hearing anything. So focus primarily on the arguments FOR the Catholic Church which are many. The main things I had to understand and accept during my conversion process were the Trinity, the Eucharist and Mary.

For me, it was quite upsetting to learn the truth about Joseph Smith and the history of the early LDS church. So much had been whitewashed, it was really quite devastating to my faith. I almost lost faith in God entirely. Classical philosophy (Aristotle, Aquinas) were key for my belief in God. The LDS beliefs on who God is are very, very different from Christian beliefs.

Remember to pray often! Feel free to PM me. I am more than happy to help you and your daughter understand Mormonism, the struggles of leaving the faith and converting to Catholicism.


If you can disregard the profanity and occasional blasphemy on South Park, their episode on Mormons gives the clearest and most understandable explanation of the LDS faith that I have ever seen.

To me that sounds like he is a TBM who thinks he has the truth and sees this as an opening to preach Mormonism. :shrug:

Agreed. I wouldn’t trust a Mormon any further than I could throw him; I’ve known too many Mormons. I would assume that he is “lying for the Lord” as they so often do. His professed open-mindedness is probably just a tactic to make her let her guard down.

“Every member a missionary”.

Paul (formerly LDS, now happily Catholic)

Yikes, that’s good to keep in mind.

I’m starting RCIA in the fall, at a Parish i think has a good RCIA program. I agree with others in this thread. Yes I’m LDS on the rolls of that church but i can’t wait to be Catholic next Spring. The fact is i would be very careful to make sure that your Daughter’s dating partner realizes that the writing is already on the wall, that the LDS Church is not the church that Christ restored and that its message is respectfully severely lacking and twisted. I have come to realize so much that the Catholic Church is our Lord’s church. What it all comes down to is, make a reasonable yet thorough effort to help that individual realize that the Catholic Church is the best option. I hope things go well.


I agree with Marie and Paul, the chances are good that the young man is looking for a temple marriage, and this is his way of planting a seed in your daughter. So you not only have to try to teach this young man about Catholicism you have to very very lightly show the utter sadness that is LDS “theology” to your daughter and maintain a clear view of the beauty that is Catholicism. Do not neglect your daughters faith while trying to convert the young man, her continued faith is more important in the long game than his conversion right now.

CWM! Hello and Welcome!!
Several of us former Mormons here, so if you need to discuss something with someone who understand where you are coming from and what you have been taught, we can help.

I know sometimes it was difficult for me because the Catholics I knew didnt understand the prism I had been looking thru for many years.

God Bless you in your journey into the Church. :slight_smile:

This is great advice. Be ready to help through the upsetting part because that is a really big blow. Aquinas can help. So many of us end up atheist or agnostic after the betrayal of trust. It is easy to turn away from God in anger at the deceit. I find comfort in attending Mass and being surrounded by people who believe even when I don’t have strength, or to know how to define the Holy Spirit. I will be going through RCIA a second year & continue with Bible study.

Also, you got to make sure your child is strong in the Catholic beliefs. It is possible that it is all a ruse.

And may God bless you and help you. Let my people go!

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