Converting Catholics back to being Catholic


Is there anything anyone can suggest as an apolegetics course or a book or a tape for converting lukewarm Catholics back to the faith? There are so many people out there who are Catholics that just have lost all sense of morals. I am looking for something to help with the secular issues as well as arguments regarding morals.


Saints have been made by reading the lives of other saints. Ignatius of Loyola, for example, experienced his conversion from a “cultural Catholic” to devout Catholic intent upon achieving holiness because he was laid up in bed with nothing to read but a lives of the saints collection. A good place to start for introducing the people you know to devotion might be Therese of Lisieux’s Story of a Soul and Francis De Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life. I also recommend the work of Peter Kreeft (booklist). You might first point your friends to his book Back to Virtue. For an apologetics course that also includes an introduction to secular moral issues, I recommend Beginning Apologetics by Jim Burnham and Fr. Frank Chacon.

The books suggested here may be available through interlibrary loan or through a local Catholic bookstore.

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