Converting for the Wrong Reasons?


Long story short I attend Protestant Church but my beliefs have changed to the point that I believe the Orthodox/ Catholic Church are the true church. Forced with a choice I am probably 80/ 20 in favor of converting to Orthodoxy rather than Catholic.

My wife is very against it and hinted at it causing enough of a problem that it could lead to her divorcing me eventually if I did convert. Much of her reasoning comes from simply desiring for us to go to church together on Sundays. Because of this I have been reconsidering becoming Catholic because I could go to Saturday mass. This is in spite of the fact that family aside I would probably be Orthodox by now. Even though I find Orthodoxy more compelling I think that I would be able to put myself under the authority of the Catholic Church and accept the doctrines that I don’t agree with out of obedience.

FWIW, an Orthodox priest several years ago told me to slow my process and not convert now and risk hurting my family. This makes me wonder that I may never be “able” to become Orthodox without it potentially ruining my marriage. I guess I see maybe the Catholic Church as a middle ground as I could go to Saturday night mass and still attend with my wife at her church on Sunday without taking communion.

What are your thoughts on me becoming Catholic as a “compromise” so I can be part of the True Church even though I prefer Orthodoxy?


Maybe you could join RCIA and be open to changing your mind on the doctrines that you don’t agree with at this time. If you are received into the Catholic Church, you will be asked in front of the congregation if you believe all that the Holy Catholic Church proclaims, teaches, and professes to be revealed by God (I forget the exact wording, but that is pretty close.) One should be able to honestly answer yes before entering the Church.


You should join the RCIA group in a parish (they should be up by now, start in September) and you can always attend every year (lots of indecisive people do) there are a lot of interesting people to meet. I suggest getting to know someone you can have coffee with and a nice long debate on the Orthodox and Catholic. Also, it’s a good idea to be honest and not slide into something with half-truths.


Have you looked into any Eastern Rite Catholic Churches nearby? The theology is the same as Orthodoxy for the vast majority of things. Perhaps you’d feel more drawn to that compared to Latin Rite Catholicism?


I have but there is only one Eastern Rite Church in my city. I had some involvement and started RCIA at another church so I would probably end up there. I would be curious how ER devotional practices compare to Orthodox though.


“conversion” is a funny word. You may choose to come into full communion with the Catholic Church, but as a believing Trinitarian Christian, you are not “converting”…conversion is turning away from the evils of the world, and towards God…it seems you are already there, and now are just settling on theology…something both you and your wife might think about.


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