Converting from protestantism

I am sorry for my bad english I am not a native speaker of it. I would like to ask catholic converts from protestantism, what was your first moment you began to start think about catholicism in positive way? and then you began to change your mind about biases you were brought up or told in protestant churches Once I was very anticatolic as the most protestant are I thought the pope is antichrist, the catholics worhisp Mary and saints as pagans do etc. I began to study catholicism because I had to concede the catholic church gave me Bible and then it came. I studied catholicism open minded and was suprised how biblical it is. I am sorry for other protestants they boast about knowing Bible and they do not see in the bible verses supporting catholicism. They take bible verses out from context to confirm unbiblical protestant doctrines I do not know what was wrong with me that I did not resist to the catholic truth. Thanks for your comments

For me, it was reading about the early history of the church from a source that was NOT blatantly anti-Catholic. (The Reader’s Digest book After Jesus). Looking at this time as possibly NOT a time of “falling away” and corruption was an eye opener. Got me wondering. This (and other things) led to questions about how the Biblical canon was formed, how one determined which understanding of Scripture was correct, and how Jesus’ words about the gates of hell not prevailing against the church could be true if these supposed “corruptions” and “fallings away” could be.

Once I finally did an unbiased study of Christian history from the time of Christ the time of the Protestant reformation then the Truth of the Catholic church became quite undeniable.

The Holy Spirit calls everyone in the Catholic faith. Each one answers in their own way in their own time. Welcome Home!

When my Calvinist Presbyterian denomination failed to properly teach the doctrine of the Trinity (they permitted an open Arian to receive communion). It was then I realized they had forgotten orthodox Christianity in their zeal for their Reformation ideologies.

My husband was a protestant convert. My family left the Catholic Church when the Latin Mass was abrogated, so I grew up Catholic but outside the church. Together we journeyed through Christiandom. I never found the church of my youth. We eventually realized the Bible is not enough and friends encouraged us to study the early church fathers and the Eastern Orthodox Church. All that did was remind me of my Catholicism, however, the Roman diocese where I live is not friendly towards tradition Catholics. So my husband converted to Eastern Catholic and as his spouse, I transferred in.

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