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Hi everyone! I recently checked out a Catholic church for the first time and it was pretty interesting…I kinda liked it :slight_smile: I’m a Protestant Christian but is thinking of converting to Catholic. Anything I should know before I do? Thanks!

Find out when the RCIA classes are. You’ll learn all you need there and there’s no obligation. My Parish just started our classes. Good luck.

Yes! With the exception of the Orthodox Churches, all non-Catholic communities are based on the bible. Both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches are, and always have been based on Christ in the Holy Eucharist, while having the bible as an integral part of their deposit of faith.

You would certainly benefit from a copy of Catholicism for Dummies, which explains the beliefs and practices of the Church, as well as the reasons behind those beliefs and practices. Highly recommended.

Hi! Last December, I was in the same boat as you! You’ve found a great resource in this website.

As someone else mentioned, the normal process for being received into the Church is through RCIA classes. Most parishes are just beginning their RCIA program about this time. Mine is beginning in two weeks, others have already begun. This is because most parishes bring people into the Church at Easter.

There is no obligation to actually join the Church if you attend RCIA. The classes are designed for people who are curious about the faith, especially for the first part of the program.

Because of the time of the year, I suggest you go ahead and call your local Parish and inquire about their program. In my diocese, I couldn’t find a Parish that had an RCIA program beginning at any time except September. So, unfortunately, I’ve had to wait for a while. Fortunately, my fiancee, who lives in Washington, DC, belongs to a wonderful Parish. So, when I go up to visit her, the Parish Priest has met with me several times for great spiritual direction.

Also, don’t be afraid to find a Mass and just attend! Haha, I had an irrational fear of this at first. But, Catholics love visitors! Just follow along with everyone else and stay in the pew when others go up for Communion. Nobody will wonder why you aren’t receiving!

Good luck! God Bless!


Just open up your heart to the wisdom, love, and understanding of the Holy Spirit.

“Peace on earth to men of good will.” Goodwill…that’s what it takes. Openness.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

God bless you:thumbsup:

I converted also. I believe Mass to be living Scripture experience. It is not from men. It is our holy worship, and Communion.

I do believe we are a bible based faith. Just not bible alone. The bible contains the divine Revelation of the Gospel according to the Apostles! The Church canonized holy Scripture because it is the deposit of faith, and the Word of God. It is not the entire deposit of faith. The Apostolic Teachings and account of Jesus is written in Holy Scripture. The unity and full understanding of Scripture is in the Church and her Teaching. They are not separate but together.

But you are given gifts of the Holy Spirit, who is in you! And cherish that. Devote yorself to the Apostolic teaching, prayer, and Holy Eucharist! Like the verse in my signature:p

If you sin, take it to confession. Depart from it! Turn away and towards your Savior! Be humble, and He will be mighty in you.

God bless you,

All you need to know is run into the Catholic Church. It is such a relief having the fullness of Christian Truth.

Listen to Catholic Answers live podcast
Check out Fr Barron on YouTube
Pick up a catechism of the Catholic Church.
Get into RCIA at the parish

I was formerly Evangelical and have not looked back once.

I did the RCIA twice before I joined the church. I think it is important to take your time and seek God. As someone said just because you do the RCIA, doesn’t mean you have to join it at the end.

If you have any questions, please send me a line.


Read all the books by Scott Hahn. Start with Rome, Sweet Home and then read The Lamb’s Supper.

Sign up for an RCIA class, pray everyday if you don’t already, make connections in the Catholic community, read the catechism and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Even here on There are some great apologists around here. It’s such a wonderful resource for us converts.

The Rosary is fantastic.

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